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I’m a web developer freelance


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Research & Analysis

The process of gathering, analyzing and interpreting information a few markets, a few product or service to be offered a purchasable therein market, and about the past, present and potential customers for the merchandise or service.

Growth Business

An increase within the demand for a specific product or service over time. Market growth is often slow if consumers don't adopt a high demand or rapid if consumers find the merchandise or service useful for the worth level.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy may be a long-term, forward-looking approach and an overall game plan of any organization or any business with the elemental goal of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage by understanding the requirements and needs of consumers.


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I’m very passionate about making variant websites and web applications. I like making websites using CMS like WordPress etc. But I have a keen interest in R&D in the fields of CMS and making vast, diverse Websites that have a strong base i.e. Any CMS.

As a techno person, I have a sound knowledge of WordPress / HTML / CSS / CSS3 / PHP/ MySql, Jquery, PHP frameworks, and more… All I need in my career is to have more and more knowledge and experience to work on various projects and provide my best skills to live.

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Web Designing

In today’s roaring businesses have to be compelled to have a superb on-line presence so as to square out from the remainder.

Google Listing (SEO)

Whenever you enter a question during a computer program and hit 'enter' you get a listing of internet results that contain that questionable term.

Graphic Designing

A graphic styler is accountable for making design solutions that have a high visual impact.

Print Media

The graphic style is essentially used for medium and even web site pages. As a graphic designer in Mumbai we will create in reasonably rate


CCTV - Installation

A CCTV Camera installation may be a prerequisite in every home or business nowadays. With increasing crimes and burglary, the CCTV cameras confirm that your property is protected.

DVR & NVR Installation

A DVR or NVR security system may be a choice you've got to form before fixing a video closed-circuit television. It matters tons since it decides the value, the installation, the simplest video quality you'll expect.


Biometric Installation

Biometric time and attendance systems have brought a more precise system to live group or individual's activities and attendance also. Now the question arises that how do these biometric attendance systems work.


Computer Hardware

Hardware troubleshooting is that the process of reviewing, diagnosing, and identifying operational or technical problems within a hardware device or equipment.


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