Biometric Time Attendance – An Efficient To Manage Your Employees

It is useful at shops, schools, offices, organizations, companies and libraries no matter how small or big it is. Biometric Time Attendance has wide range of applications ranging from visitor management, access control system, biometric door locks, finger print readers and face recognition systems.


Biometrics is devices that identify people by one or more physical characteristics. This process is automatic, and could involve a fingerprint scan, eye scan, hand scan, or even voice recognition. The most commonly used biometric attendance is Fingerprint Scan. Each time the employee clocks in or out, the Biometric Time and Attendance software verifies that the newly scanned fingerprint matches the fingerprint on file with that employee’s ID number. If there is a match, the punch is recorded.

Biometric Device Mantra

The most popularly used biometric time management systems are Fingerprint Time Management, Fingerprint RFID Time Management, and RFID Smart Card Time Management, Fingerprint MI fare Time Measurement, Fingerprint RFID Time Attendance, and Web Base Fingerprint Attendance.

Biometric Attendance used to track each and every person coming to your place is actually who he claims to be or not with its time and other details. When an employee enrolls in a Fingerprint-based Biometric Time and Attendance System for the first time, the software records a template of the employee’s fingerprint and associates that template with the employee’s ID number.

This template measures the relationship between various points in the fingerprint. Many schools use Biometric Attendance to track their student’s attendance. The Biggest advantage of Biometric Attendance over manual tracking is better security.

Best Biometric Attendance Machine

According to HR department the employee management is the most difficult task to deal with. Employee time attendance management software called Mantra Door Access Control System acts as an RF ID based system which can monitor, access, and track and control machines. So it is possible to regulate the HR operations of all your organization branches under one umbrella using Biometric Time Attendance System. Reports from any branch shall be checked at any time without the help of a third person.

Biometric Attendance System

Biometric Time Attendance for your variety human resource management needs, varies such as bio-class Reader/Enroller, Fingerprint terminal, Bio Stamp – Fingerprint Reader, Bio smart, Fingerprint T&A and access control, Smart Finger, Two Door Access Controller, iCLASS Reader and many more. Time attendance systems are designed to assist organizations to effectively manage the working hours of employees.


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