What is RFID Technology?

These days every product has a barcode that contains fundamental information about the product. The store owners can keep track of their inventory and shoppers can check out much more expeditious with RFID Card or Tags.

The technology they utilize is called RFID short for Radio Frequency Identification.


How RFID works?

RFID tags contain a minute microchip and a transmitter they can only be activated by an RFID reader to which the tag returns its signal that’s why RFID is called a passive technology.

Imagine that you buy a carton of milk in a supermarket the carton’s RFID tag has stored the price and the milk expiry date when you pick up the carton the shop can immediately exhibit the carton’s expiry date.

When you culminate your shopping a reader near the exit could read the tags of all your products as you pass by and immediately engender a bill for your approbation no more standing in line back home an astute refrigerator equipped with an RFID reader could keep track of the expiry date of all your groceries.

What is RFID Technology?

RFID tags are being built into motorway toll pass class and subway passes, RFID tags facilitate the handling and tracking of luggage, and freight retailers are additionally integrating.

RFID tags and readers into their stores with the price of RFID chips and readers dropping steadily other sectors are discovering their utilizations.

In fact, several European research projects are collaborating with immensely colossal companies from other sectors to find expeditiously perspicacious ways of cutting costs and boosting efficiency with RFID ironically.


What is RFID technology and how does it work?

RFID tags are habituated to keep track of livestock now that these tags can be minimized to the size of a rice pallet

RFID uses in medicine for example an RFID tag built into an armband but contained a unique identifier for a patient medicos can read the tag and immediately access the patient’s medical history and Link it to databases of diseases and medication side effects could greatly diagnosis.

RFID can be integrated into limos any everyday object from fridges to bus passes the fact can be read updated and tracked has raised privacy concerns.


RFID is expeditiously becoming a key technology.


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