Difference between DVR and NVR

Difference between DVR and NVR

But what exactly are the differences between a DVR and NVR are as follows:-

  1. DVR Stands for virtual video recorder DVR is an Analog gadget the use of coaxial cabling
  2. NVR techniques the use of Ethernet cable like Cat5 and Cat6.
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Mivanta security solutions make an entire line of NVR, DVR, IP CAMERA, HD CAMERA, BIOMETRIC instrument and so forth.

Mivanta DVR techniques can handle resolutions in both 4k and 1080p Mivanta MPX DVRs are backwards appropriate with older analog cameras with lower resolutions from 300 to 900 TV Lines but they are able to also improve analog 720p and 960h solution cameras then again can care for 4k,2k,1080p and 720p.


Mivanta makes a complete line of NVR

NVR stands for community video recorder the video and audio sign is shipped to the NVR from cameras that send the standard cat5 or cat6 Ethernet connection cable those are RJ45 Plugs, commonly used in the home and industrial community programs

NVR uses Ethernet Cable distances of 800 feet in line with the camera for video, audio and DVR methods can extend up to 200 feet for audio and video.

NVR uses digital IP cameras, IP stands for Internet Protocol this compliance with the Internet Protocol permits larger flexibility when conversing inside a community no matter how large Or small these IP cameras are attached the usage of an ordinary RJ45 Ethernet connector that is not most effective can transmit the signal, but in addition supply energy to the camera, this is called energy Over Ethernet or POE Switch.

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IP cameras send compressed or encoded directly from the IP camera to the NVR where it’s recorded.

Mivanta 4k NVR additionally enhance quite a lot of IP cameras, including the ones which can be on buffed compliant a global business usual for IP based totally safety merchandise a DVR system sends the video, audio, and provides energy to this cable is called a 4+1 cable one cable with Four cable ends one coaxial for video, one for audio and Two for power.

Mivanta DVR and NVR improve each video and audio recording systems can report audio on the entire person channels, keep in thoughts that both DVR and NVR also are in a position to keep watch over and PTZ cameras tilt and zoom using this single cable technology.


DVR systems improve various body charges in line with frames in line with 2d 2k and 1080p at 15 frames consistent with 2d 720p and 960h at 30 frames in line with second the more frames in line with second

The smoother the movement will appear our device give a boost to 4k, 2k and 1080p at 30 frames consistent with second, but also deal with 720p at 60 frames in step with 2d some other unique feature.

Mivanta DVR and NVR are that they’re cloud base enabled generation you’ll be able to keep watch over and observe your DVR or NVR gadget from anyplace on the planet by means of your Mobile device or Computer, helps numerous apps for desktop and Mobile.

Mivanta takes safety relatively to encrypt and authenticate data that is transferred over the Internet both DVR and NVR have a role to play in any Security device,


It is only a matter of selecting which device works best for you in your price vary.


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