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why it is said that prevention is better than cure in covid 19

The Coronavirus is significantly more threatening for cancer patients because their resistance is low. Thus, They Need to Avoid exposure whatsoever price

From the time the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China turned into an international outbreak, it’s dominated all of discourses and platforms together with information flowing from all sources, be it papers, digital or electronic press. Amid the global colour and shout, caregivers are analyzing how infective the Coronavirus is, just how much damage it may lead to when it comes to casualties and that would be individuals most in danger.

It’s rather clear from most of the available advice from various other states that COVID-19 or even SARS CoV-2 illness has greater infectivity compared to additional SARS viruses, even though reduced mortality. What’s been clear to date is the older and individuals who have co-morbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, coronary artery, and lung cancer diseases have reached a higher chance of illness and mortality. To make things worse, it’s being discovered that smokers have a high chance of illness since their lungs are already endangered because of smoking.


The existing crisis situation has forced us to sit and think and proceed with our enterprise home. It’s in the aftermath of the present situation that we’ve realized the significance of our wellness insurance and care of this daily. Tracking our vitals to well-being has come to be always significant. Additionally, it brings our attention to this simple fact “Start now, get all set for tomorrow”

The progress in technology and health, debut of AI and IoT apparatus never have merely made it a lot easier for all of us to track our wellness insurance and get immediate reports however it has also caused it to be suitable for health experts to offer health assistance to from any portion of the world and never need to see a health institution/hospital.

All these IoT/AI devices track your health each day and also provide reports based on any changes in your heartbeat, heart rate, sleeping program, blood pressure, and so forth, and ship it to your own physician. Hence making it a lot easier to proffer solutions in line with the variations on your wellbeing issues. These generally include whether reversal of medicinal dosages, change in daily diet plans, etc. Thus the unit doesn’t need a 1 size fits all solution but also delivers you a more personalized solution depending on your existing health scenarios.

Underlying Wellness problems

Additionally, it can help track certain lifestyle habits which later result in acute medical difficulties or cause inherent medical problems that go undetected differently. Afterward, technology-enabled patients become engaged in their own treatment since they can get their health records, plan appointments, and even contact their health practitioners.


Home tracking systems let patients and care providers track human health in a real-life manner while patients inhabit your house, which will be very good for patients who have long-term illnesses along with older men and women. The unit could offer satisfaction to people experiencing chronic diseases since it alarms a physician in addition to patients. Hence making it a lot easier to find and cure diseases sooner. A monitoring apparatus is additionally in a position to brief patients in regards to the crucial deterioration of health whenever they will need to submit an application for emergency assistance whenever possible.

Saves cash

Treatments may cost a lot in the very long term, particularly when your health falls. But patients may save much, as a result of medical tracking. With home telehealth, it’s perhaps not essential to visit a practice to get a prescription or ask your doctor about evaluation outcomes. In any case, as a result of the diminishing quantity of unnecessary hospital visits, the health associations become crowded and certainly will faster admit patients who need emergency assistance. Furthermore, should you get started treating any health dilemma at the origin until it reaches the extremes, then you are inclined to save money.

Ergo, telehealth, or health-tracking moves health home and on your hands and convenience and access to countless. The rising selection of varied associated medical instruments transforms how healthcare providers are given. Tele Medicine, or telehealth, has generated healthcare delivery more lively and caused it to be longer patient-centered as the variety of connected healthcare instruments develops, so will the volume of knowledge they generate.

Healthcare programs and apparatus are becoming more affordable and more technical and require efficient, convenient, and secure connectivity technologies. It’s the sole means to generate healthcare accessible to the masses without a lot of investment and immediate climbing potential. Together with telemedicine and technology invention on remote health monitoring, health can be offered easily, instantly, and also enough good time of need. And in addition, it supplies you avoidance from damaging health for a young period, invests strategically on your own, and also maintains your savings safe for the long run.

Prevention is far better than cure is just the hottest and older proverb associated with our wellness insurance and wholesome life. Fantastic health turns into an invaluable gift for individual life. We are able to earn a lot of money, create houses, reach luxury items, and so forth however we can’t buy decent health once it has diminished by a few critical diseases. The significance of every luxury thing is going to be immediately after we acquire several diseases. The proverb”avoidance is far better than cure” is just the very best information for people. Folks should divert their mind by high-priced treatment towards spending some time on health education and preventative measures, etc…

How it Pertains to Our Day to Day Life

The majority of people suffer from various deadly ailments that have nearly no cure or even not easy to cure. A number of the diseases have extremely high-priced therapy. People affected by these disorders are treated using quite difficult drugs having plenty of unwanted side effects in the present or in close future. As a way to stay away from these ailments, avoidance is a fantastic key we are able to be safe from lethal diseases. Prevention is quite economical and saves a lot of money time and attempt folks.

If avoidance techniques are followed closely with the individuals, they remain safe and joyful indefinitely. Poor people can’t afford high-priced clinical treatments. Thus, we ought to treat ourselves through proper prevention techniques in order we could be away from a cure. We have just 1 lifetime that’s quite valuable to us. We ought to reside, maybe not destroy by encouraging a variety of difficulties and difficulties. Life could be happy and calm when we eventually become obsessed and follow the fundamentals of the proverb.


By precisely understanding the significance and fundamentals of avoidance, we are able to discover how to rescue ourselves from lethal and deadly ailments. Broadly speaking people understand the definitions of earning their own lives happier. However, they forget the vital purpose of control, patience, and discipline. Cure becomes the previous step to receive out our body of threat but sometimes we can’t obtain the standard health back case of some severe diseases. Our health practitioners may possibly save yourself your entire life but can’t reunite happiness in everyday life. People, who had suffered difficulties in life understand that it the worth the avoidance. However, it really is way better, in case people comprehend its value before becoming into any issue.




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