Why I Switched to Plant Protein powder?

Why I Switched to Plant Protein powder?

With the supplement industry, I have passed my 3 years successfully. When you are working with any industry, you have a good knowledge of that particular industry. The good thing about my work is that I am myself a fitness enthusiast and love to have a good knowledge of supplements. That encouraged me to do certification in nutrition. It has been almost 5 years since I went to the gym. I never skipped the gym for more than two days. Sweets are only occasionally for me. I don’t take sugar in my tea even though I am a great tea lover. Also, I have developed a sense of making tea without sugar and hurting my taste buds. I use the only stevia as a sweetener in my diet or beverage. It has already been five years to take any dish made from fine flour. Usually, my friend makes fun of me when they are having a party and I am engaged with my training or healthy kind of foods.

Why I Switched to Plant Protein powder?

I have used many protein supplements since then. I personally recommend everyone to use them with a good pack of exercises after consulting the doctor. All these supplements helped me to improve my level. But for the past few months, I was not feeling that whey is doing the same benefits to me as it used to do. That may be because of my regular use of it for 5 years, less training these days, my reducing digestion power with growing age, and many more. I got to know that the time has come to switch over plant protein powder now. I will break these factors that made me switch over to plant-based protein in the article. 

Factors That Made Me Change over Plant Protein Powder: 

Everybody’s nutritional needs are different. So, they approached differently. These all factors are my experiences. It is not always true for everybody. But you can get the best decision for yourself by using all this information. 

  • Less Training Session: I had sufficient time in college to work on my fitness and physique five years ago. The training field used to be my first home. I used to go to my second home to sleep. From badminton, swimming, cricket, volleyball, gym, to any physical activity, I used to be ON every time. I had not enough choices in eating so whey protein used to be my savior. It helped me in my energy and made my fitness better. I had a great level of physical activity those days but now I am in a sedentary lifestyle. My more than eight hours of physical activity shrank into one hour of gym training. But protein supplement intake didn’t go down. Sitting in one posture for a long time is not good for your heart health so plant protein powder is a better option than whey supplement. 
  • Digestion Issues: As I grew up, my digestive system had gone weak. Large amounts of whey are not easy to digest for me now. A sedentary lifestyle reduced my water intake that has reduced my digestion too. Though I am not consuming the foods made with fine flours, regular food is not getting digested easily. Age is a very important factor that reduces your digestion ability, everyone should accept it. Increased screen time is one of the reasons for sleep disorders that create digestion issues as well. So, I found it to switch over plant protein powder from whey as it consists of fiber that helps to get digested easily. 

I benefited from switching to plant protein. It increased my level of energy, better digestion, better sleep, and many other benefits. I found the factors that worked for me, you must search for the factors that would really work for you. All my factors are personal experience-based. Readers’ discretion is very important. Don’t just blindly follow it. But make your own solution with this information. Plant protein powder is plant-based so it consists of various types of proteins that are hard to find in the whey supplement. It is better for all people who are facing any heart issue or animal-prone disease. Well, a shredded physique is good but better health is the most important thing that everybody must pursue.


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