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What exactly is Business Class on International Flights? Your FAQs answered!

A business class comes to your rescue when you can neither settle for the confined spaces of the economy nor dare splurge on the pricey first-class tickets. They say that if you fly business class once, you are not likely to return to the coach again. The best part is that you don’t have to be super-rich to be able to fly business class on international flights.

A business class ticket is indeed expensive compared to an economy class ticket, but you’ll get more bang for your buck. Book your business class tickets and travel in the utmost comfort! Questions lingering in your mind about business class travel? Continue reading. 

What is a business class ticket? 

As a travel class above economy, a business class offers upgraded seating, services, and amenities – meaning a comfortable journey. A popular choice among business travelers, more and more air travelers are favoring this cabin class for the high level of comfort it offers at not so exorbitant a price as that of the first class. Originally introduced as a travel class between economy and first-class, the business class became such a hit among travelers that many airlines now offer it as the highest level of service, having abandoned first class. Different airlines have different brand names for this airline class.

What is the difference between premium economy class and business class?

There are airlines that have ‘Premium Economy’ as an intermediate travel class between economy and business. This upgraded version of the economy offers seats with a good recline angle, more legroom, and other amenities not available in standard economy class, but the level of comfort and quality of services you can enjoy in business class on international flights is far greater than what is available in premium economy. 

What are the benefits of flying business class on international flights? 

When you buy a business class ticket, you generally expect everything to be much better than the economy (and premium economy), and this cabin class on the other side of the curtain doesn’t disappoint! 

A business class ticket entitles you to priority check-in, priority security line, free checked bags, exclusive lounge access, early boarding (and deplaning too), etc. Onboard, you can enjoy more legroom, bigger and wider seats (often lie-flat seats), amenity kits, great entertainment options, multi-course gourmet meals, restaurant-quality food, premium drinks and champagne, and personalized services. 

Again, the perks of flying business class on international flights might be different depending on your airline, flight route, and the carrier you are flying in, among other factors. For example, Emirates offers an onboard bar exclusively for business class passengers on their A380 planes.  

Is business class on international flights the same as first class?

As stated, many airlines have totally replaced their first class with business class. However, when it comes to three-cabin international flights that operate long-haul, a business class is not the same as a first-class. The difference between these travel classes is not as pronounced as the difference between standard and business class though. 

First-class is the pinnacle of luxury with service standards incomparable! Both first and business class on international flights are great for luxury travelers, but the former offers ‘extra’ privacy and services than the latter. 

Priority boarding and deplaning (first-class passengers will be the first to get on/ off the plane followed by business-class passengers and then economy passengers), expedited security services, concierge check-in, personal assistant, access to an exclusive First Class Lounge, a more spacious private pod, full flat-bed seats, luxury bedding, extra legroom (more than the legroom available in business class), and exceptional a la carte menu are some of the additional perks of traveling in first class. 

Which airlines offer the best business class seats? 

Business-class on international flights has come a long way over the years with many reputed airlines having upgraded their services to offer the best business class experience for their passengers. As per the findings of surveys conducted internationally, the business class seats of Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates Airways, Etihad Airways, and British Airways are found to be most popular among air travelers. 


According to Skytrax’s World Airline Awards 2019, Qatar was named the world’s best business class airline, followed by ANA All Nippon Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qantas Airways, Hainan Airlines, Thai Airways, Etihad Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, and Garuda Indonesia (top 10 positions).


Where can I get cheap business class tickets to India? 


There’s more satisfaction when you fly in luxury at a discounted fare, isn’t it? Indian Eagle is at the top of the list among many online travel agencies that offer great deals and discounts on business class flights. The lowest airfare and maximum savings are guaranteed on business class flights to India, and booking airline tickets on is just a breeze. You’ll also earn reward points, receive cashback, and many other benefits when you book your flight tickets with Indian Eagle! Booking in advance is another great way to book cheap business class tickets. So, hurry up! 


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