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Victony WA1200 Extender Setup

It’s simple to set up the VICTONY WA1200 – Dual Band WIFI Range Extender 1200Mbps with 4 External 3dBi Antennas Signal Booster with 360 Degree WIFI Repeater.


Victony WA1200 Wireless Extender (Dual Band)


When it comes to transmitting value for the money spent for it, Victony is a pioneer. The Victony WA1200 Extender Setup has a 1200 MBPS rate, which is ideal for gaming, online HD video playback, downloading, and uploading. WPS, LAN and WAN ports, an ON/OFF button, and a reset button are all included in the Victony Dual Band Extender. The Victony WA1200 Extender may be set up in one of two ways: using WPS or using a web browser using the address “”. This Extender has robust antennae, making it easy for your devices to stay connected even if your signals are weakening. It also features an LED light indication that will alert you to the best location for this extension. The Victony extender has two Ethernet ports that may be used to connect any sort of computer or gaming console, as well as a WAN port that can be used to use Victony as a router.


What is the best way to set up my Victony WA1200 WIFI extender?


You may set up your brand new Victony WA1200 in one of two ways: using WPS or using the Web Browser.


WPS Setup for Victony WA1200 Extender


  • To begin, place your Victony extender close to your Wi-Fi router.


  • When you connect and switch on the extender, wait until the power LED on the Victony AC1200 becomes green.


  • Tap and hold the extender’s WPS button for at least two seconds.


  • By clicking the WPS button on your Wi-Fi router, repeat these same prompts.


  • The Victony WA1200 range extender, as well as the modem or router, will include a blinking LED light.


  • The WIFI repeater and Wi-Fi router will now take roughly 10-15 seconds to establish a connection.


  • The WPS LED on the Extender will become solid green after you connect successfully.


  • Install an AC1200 extender in any area where you suspect there are weak spots.


  • IMPORTANT: – – – – – – – – If WPS isn’t working, try resetting your Victony Extender. Keep your extender away from any heavy electrical appliances for a stable Wi-Fi connection.


Setup for Victony WA1200 Extender


Let’s look at how to set up the Victony WA1200 WIFI repeater.


  • To use this approach, first plug in your WA1200 extender into one of the nearby sockets.


  • You must wait until the repeater’s power LED turns solid green before proceeding.


  • Now navigate to your device’s Wi-Fi settings, whether it’s a laptop, a WiFi-enabled PC, a Mac, or a mobile phone.


  • Also, in the list of available networks, check for the Victony Network.


  • As soon as you’ve established a connection, open the browser on that device and type “” into the address bar.


  • The Victony WA1200 Extender Setup page will appear, allowing you to configure your WIFI repeater.


  • IMPORTANT: If does not open, try resetting the extender, changing your browser, or switching to another Wi-Fi enabled device.


  • Connect your extender to your home’s WIFI modem or router by following the onscreen instructions.


The WPS button is used to set up the Victony WiFi Repeater.


A WPS button without login and physical connection to the repeater is the quickest way to configure a range extender device. If the WPS push-button functionality on your primary router is activated in the router settings, you can connect the Repeater device to it in a matter of seconds by pressing the WPS button.


Using the WPS button, configure the Victony WiFi Repeater.


A WPS button without login and physical connection to the repeater is the quickest way to set up a range extender equipment. If the WPS push-button functionality on your main router is activated in the router settings, you can connect the Repeater device using the WPS button in a matter of seconds.


How to Use WPS to Connect a Range Extender


  1. Connect the Repeater device to a WALL socket near your WiFi router and turn it on with the power ON button next to it.


  1. Select Repeater mode from a tiny mode button beside the extender using the Mode button.


  1. Locate a WPS button next to Ethernet on the router.


  1. Press and hold the WPS button on the router for 2 seconds before releasing it.


  1. Within 15 seconds, go to the extension device and hit the WPS button.


  1. The WPS led on the repeater will blink, and it will take 30-40 seconds for your WiFi router to connect.


  1. Check Victony Extender will broadcast a new SSID for Wifi Signal in Mobile. 


  1. Connecting to the internet and testing it should work.


  1. Place the Repeater device in a suitable place to ensure that it receives adequate speed and may increase its range without experiencing any speed drops.


Setup of a Victony AC1200 as an Access Point


Access point mode is unquestionably faster than Ap.Setup mode. It’ll be the greatest choice for you if you’re alright with utilising 20-30 feet of Ethernet wire or if you have Ethernet cable wiring installed in your walls. Before we begin, double-check that the devices are turned on in Access Point mode.


Let’s begin by configuring the wa1200 as an access point.


To begin, plug your AC1200 into the location where you wish it to be used.


Then connect an Ethernet wire from your repeater’s LAN port to your router’s LAN port.

  • Connect your phone, laptop, or tablet to the Victony extender, and the name will appear in your Wi-Fi list.
  • After you’ve finished connecting the devices, open a browser on the same devices and type into the address bar.


  • This will take you to the setup page for the Victony AC1200 extender. Now you’ll be sent to the login screen, where you’ll enter “admin” as your username and password. It’s all in lowercase.


  • After you’ve finished inputting the credentials, pick “access point” from the setup wizard and press Next.


  • It will now ask you to provide your Access Point a new SSID, security type, and password.


  • It will immediately reboot after that, and you will be able to connect your devices to the newly formed network.


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