Top 5 Android Technologies For App Development
Top 5 Android Technologies For App Development

Top 5 Android Technologies For App Development

History Of Android App Development:

Android was a mobile operating system it was founded in California. in the month of 2003 by Andy ruby, Rich miner, Nick sears, Chris white. Andy Rubin came up with the Android project as it was having massive Possibilities in developing mobile device applications.

Andy Rubin has faced difficulty in attracting investors in the early days. At this time friend of Rubin named Steve Perlman has given 10000 dollars support in cash in an envelope. but refused to have a stake in the company and explained that he believed in Andy’s Idea.

In the year 2005 Google acquired android for $50million dollars including their key employees A team led by Rubin and their employees developed a mobile platform for the Linux kernel. and google started marketing this platform by their company manufacturers HTC, Samsung, etc.

In 2010 Google launched the Nexus series of devices by which Google partnered with manufacturers and started providing new android versions support to its devices.

In may 2019 a trade war was started between the United States and China on the Android development platform to provide access to china mobile devices like Huawei. Later In the year, 2019 Summer Huawei announced that it would create an alternate platform for android. But it has Created Harmony OS for the Internet of Things, not for the Android Platform.

What is Android?

Android is a Mobile Operating system developed by Andy Rubin and their Employees. Android is an Open Source Platform that was designed for touch Screen devices like Smartphones and tablets. Android was developed by a team of developers called Open Hand Consortium. It is an open-source and free platform that was licensed under Apache License.

Android has been the best-selling OS worldwide on smartphones since 2011 and on tablets since 2013. The latest version Of android is Android11 released on September 11, 2020.

Android Latest technologies For Developers in 2021:

4.React Native


Kotlin is a high-level programming language that is used for developing Android applications today. Kotlin is the advanced version of Java. For Android developers, this language is for the upgrade to Java.

Kotlin is a high-level programming language that is influenced by other programming languages such as Scala, Gosu, Groovy, Java, etc. Some of the apps written in Kotlin are Pinterest, Trello, Evernote, Coursera, and many more.


Java is a high-level object-oriented programming language and is an official Android development language. Java has open-source libraries and this language is easy to handle. Java is a technology that has Huge Community Support in the World. With Java, developers can create any mobile application. Among these, some applications that are developed using Java are SeeWeather, the VLC media player, Telegram for Android, and many more.


Python is a widely used and most populated high-level programming language. This language is very fast and easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy. Python helps in developing scalable web apps.

Here are some of the popular apps developed by python are Youtube, Pinterest, SurveyMonkey, etc.


React Native is one of the most popular mobile app development technologies. React Native is developed by Facebook. This technology will be used by the app developers to build cross-platform native mobile apps with the use of ReactJS and JavaScript.

Some of the most popular apps developed by react native are Instagram, Facebook ads manager, Mynthra, Uber eats, etc


Swift is an open-source and free programming language for watch OS, iOS, OS X, and tv OS apps that build on the best of C and Objective C. Features of this language includes more flexible and most used programming language Popular apps developed by Swift are LinkedIn, Lyft, Hipmunk, etc.

Responsibilities Of Android Developer:

1.Design and build applications for the Android Apps for Applications
2.Work with other types of data sources and API
3.Developer should work on bug fixing and improve application performance
4.Developer should evaluate and discover new applications by improving application performance
5.Unit testing of code

Skills required to become an Android developer:

1.Knowledge of android related programming language
2.Understanding Of XML
3.Android SDK
4.Android Studio

Android Developer Salary In India:

The Major Factors Affecting Android Developer Salary In India It depends On Your Qualification, Salary, Experience are to be considered among the Most.
The average salary for Android developers Differs by Location, Experience, Skills, etc.

The Average Basic Salary In Hyderabad Is 2,27,000 per annum This Amount can be Lowered to Rs. 2,00,000/year and reach a maximum of Rs. 38,00,000/year depending on different conditions Like Qualification, Location, Experience, Salary.

Positions For an Android Developer:

1). Entry Level
The Average Basic Salary For Entry Level Android developer in India is Rs. 2,02,000 per annum

2).Mid Level
The Average Basic Salary For Mid Level Android developers in India is Rs. 8,20,000 per annum

3). Senior Level
The Average Basic Salary For a Senior Level Android developer in India Is Rs.38,00,000/Yr


According to Linkedin sources, the demand for Android developers is growing Quite effectively. Individuals with the right skill sets, qualifications, and experience have many options to choose different companies.

The top companies recruiting android developers are Facebook, General Motors, eBay, etc.


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