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Top 10 Ecommerce Development Agency That Are Growing Fast in 2021

The competition between the ecommerce agencies is rapidly growing. Businesses are keenly studying the reasons and making the changes for the safer side.

2021 comes with great challenges. The surrounding is full of unexpected things which are hindering the success of the world. It is the best way to make the eCommerce development agency step into the growth of the new digital era. This is how it will be succeeding in getting the same pace as others.

Also, users want ease and features. Therefore, the chances are increasing for the agency to demand more. This is a constant struggle until the companies come up with a solution and things that will happen in the next few years. 

Best 10 Ecommerce Development Agency:

There are a lot of agencies and companies which are working currently. Most of them are not following the correct guidelines. This is why sudden unplanned decisions are taken in the last years. 

However, still, such agencies operate that are considered to be the best ones. They can meet the deadline and the client’s requirements. It is good to have these options.

Let’s reveal the names of fast-growing eCommerce development agencies in 2021:

1- Website Valley:

It is an eCommerce marketing agency. The main focus is on the search engine and CRO. Website Valley is one of the best companies. It works in exclusive ways to build connections with users and clients. 

Also, this agency is very much concerned about designing and developing the application and creating a web that is mostly compatible and supported with different devices. Their valuable clients are Maca, Atlantic cigar, VtaRx, and Oakwood Veneer Company, etc. 

Some of the famous platforms with Website Valley work are:

  • Volusion
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce
  • Bigcommerce

However, an ecommerce website development services first aspect is to identify the problems and alternate solutions. This agency never fails to bring innovations.

2- UpGrow:

Upgrow is famous for managing the client’s budget of 6.1 million and dealing with 33 different clients. The list is getting longer and longer. It is well known for its specific services. This company includes Impact Fund, Cloud logistics, Talkdesk, Miss Jones baking Co, etc. 

It is an eCommerce development agency that is process and data-driven. Also, familiar with the marketing aspects.

Some of the major marketing strategies are:

  • Setting up an analysis report.
  • Correctly tracking the order.
  • Making well-informed plans.
  • Think of new branding ideas

Thus, all these are just a part of the eCommerce business plan. This company is engaging and serving thousands of clients daily in San Francisco.

3- Avex:

This agency is popular for making the solution for the selected niches. It includes fashion, luxury, and beauty products companies. They have expert professionals for optimizing the different websites. 

Avex is very much focused on giving the right platforms to the client. Also, marketing the product correctly. 

It is a New York-based agency. The main objective of this company is to provide the features that stand out.

A few of them are:

  • Concentrating on usability.
  • Offer conversion rate.
  • Provide marketing solutions.
  • One-stop for consulting
  • Participate in optimization

Therefore, Avex is a good choice for those looking for the best eCommerce agency. Also, for all the building, creation, and advertising issues. 

4- Elogic Commerce:

The main specific focus of Elogic Commerce is on Magento. It is a kind of eCommerce development agency that is truly responsible for business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) dealings.

However, the ultimate responsibility of the team are:

  • Plan the right design for the client.
  • Implement and develop the strategies.
  • Helps in designing unique layouts.

The majority of the clients belong to the selling industry. The products include jewelry, consumer goods, clothing stuff, etc. 

This company manages clients largely from the USA, UK, Switzerland, Italy, and Netherlands. It makes the process of business more effective. 

5- NP Digital:

NP digital is an excellent development agency. It has designed every type of company, whether a startup or any enterprise etc. Also, I worked with famous clients all around the world. 

The client’s list is huge and comes from different backgrounds. It includes Facebook, Amazon, Google, Viacom, eBay, and American Greetings, etc. 

It is famous for generating revenue. Also, altering and changing certain specifications in the development sectors. 

Some of the improvements are:

  • Completing and residing a project.
  • Editing and rewriting copy.
  • Studying the optimization issue.
  • Analyzing the profit margins.
  • Focusing on SEO

NP digital is dealing with all sizes of organizations effectively. It is one of the best e-commerce agencies. 

6- OpenGeeksLab

A single solution for all the development issues. This is an eCommerce development agency that provides huge support to businesses in all forms. It solves many problems.

Highlights of the feature they are offering are:

  • Keenly estimating the development.
  • Successfully meeting the deadlines.
  • Maintaining communication with clients.
  • Boosting the growth and optimization.

It is one of the most demanding agencies. It is building applications and making the best profits out of them. This is helping the small, medium, and large enterprises to grow immensely. 

7- Single Grain:

It is an agency that is offering custom base unique specifications to clients. This company currently deals with Amazon, Random House, Cafepress, Airbnb, KitchenAid, etc. The process is to minimize the complexities. The business will grow more with the help of companies. 

The specialty of this agency is analyzing power and dealing with every client with new ideas. Single Grain uses the most different development techniques to boost business growth. Efforts and hard work can make a change in the growth. Thus, resulting in betterment. 

8- Icecube Digital:

An eCommerce development agency is known for managing clients from different countries. The method of a development application is outstanding. And the way of accomplishing projects is flawless.

This company is working to bring change in this industry with unique outcomes. It deals with website development, mobile application, and other technical software. Also, it is successfully delivering PHP, Magento, and WordPress tasks timely. 

Therefore, this agency is working for the betterment of the developments. Always choose skilled companies. 

9- Inflow:

Inflow provides support in designing, optimizing, and correcting the strategies of development. It multiplies the significance of the work. Inflow’s famous clients are Amazon, Mountain House, and Overstock, etc. They are the best in solving e-commerce complications.

The mechanism followed here is the promotional one. It focuses on advertising and marketing as well. Also, this company is dealing with the conversion issue very effectively. This makes the process easier. Inflow is one of the remarkable agencies. 

10- MakeWebBetter:

It is an eCommerce development agency and marketing company. The specialty is to manage the clients with a realistic approach. It is successfully maintained in every aspect. From content, conversion to advertising. Not only this, it has a huge impact on the user experience.

The best way to analyze any eCommerce agency is to go through all the available qualities. Also, understand their offers clearly. One true thing is that businesses are having a tough time getting customers. So it is good to go for the simple solutions.


The best way to analyze any eCommerce agency is to go through all the available qualities. One true thing is that businesses are having a tough time getting customers. Also, understand their offers clearly. This increases the knowledge of agencies more. Try to remember the major points while selecting. It will strengthen the method. Don’t go for the famous ones only. Check all the criteria. It will be a tough thing to analyze. Take your time. Then decide it.

In addition, it is confirmed that the need is quite sure for growing the sales and boosting the overall rankings. By selecting the right agency, half of the problem is solved automatically. This is a good way to search. Do a favor, keenly know the benefits and disadvantages of the company before hiring. 


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