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Pros and Cons of Marble

Marble is an undeniably stunning material that instantly adds a sense of grandeur and elegance to any room. It’s hardly shocking that the world’s greatest sculptors and architects have preferred to work in the medium since time immemorial, or that today’s designers use it to fashion countertops (and more) for posh kitchens and bathrooms. Unfortunately, elegance comes at a cost, both literally and metaphorically: this coveted stone can be expensive, and preserving marble surfaces can be difficult. On the other hand, those marble countertops could be worth the effort if they make your room look mind-blowingly beautiful. Don’t worry; we’ve compiled a list of all the benefits and drawbacks of marble countertops to assist you in making a decision. There are some Pros and Cons of Marble




6 Things You Should Know Before Choosing Marble Countertops

Marble is brittle and susceptible to staining.

Since it’s a natural stone, it can easily absorb drips, drops, and food pigment if left on the surface for too long. Since it does not withstand heat well, hot pots and pans should never be set directly on marble. It can also etch due to time and wear, which is simply a dulling of the finish.


It’s easy to clean marble.

There are no special products required; all you need is damp microfiber cloth, dish soap, and hot water. “Acid is the enemy, so bleach, lemon-based cleaners, and vinegar can all etch the marble,” Although there are various specialty marble cleaners on the market, Sklar claims that they are unnecessary. “Doesn’t the house need another cleaner?” If you have a stubborn stain, contact your manufacturer and see what they recommend; you may be able to cure it with some at-home remedies.


It can increase the value of your home.

Real stone countertops are extremely popular. “It’s a high-status material that can help you raise the value of your house. Although it is more costly to mount, Sklar believes it is worthwhile. Plus, marble countertops are a classic look that will never go out of style.


It comes in handy when baking.

Bakers, pay attention! A marble surface can be useful when cooking or baking because it is naturally cool to the touch. “That’s why you’ll see marble counters in a lot of old-school French bakeries. It aids in the cooling of the butter in the dough.”


Over time, marble produces a patina.

There’s a reason a vintage marble-topped table seems to have seen a few things: it has. “Marble is a living finish, so it will still change over time, “As the colour darkens slightly, any spills or etching begin to appear more deliberate and uniform rather than random. It has a distinct personality. It’s a lot of fun. It has an organic, used, and enjoyed feel to it, and it develops a past that adds to its interest.” If patina isn’t your thing, engineered quartz, for example, is a surface that will remain flawless for years.


Various finishes are available.

The polished marble texture that most people associate with countertops isn’t the only choice. Marble is ground down and not polished, giving it a matte look that looks more organic. It’s less forgiving and more prone to staining, so you won’t have to worry about acid etching. As a result, you must choose the finish that you believe would better fit your needs.


Here are list of some Pons and Cons


Pons of Marble

  1.  Tile Appearance: Marble floor tiles enhance the décor style of any room. You can combine various colors to create a stunning color scheme and design for your floor or walls. Crema Marfil, Calcatta Borghini, Carrara Venatino, Brescia Sinai, Botticino, and Makrana are some of the most well-known marble colors in floor tiles.


  1. Since marble is a natural stone, each tile is different from the next, making each one a one-of-a-kind piece with veins that develop in an irregular pattern.


  1. Natural stones, such as marble, do not need any chemical processing, and they are thus more environmentally friendly than synthetic floor materials, which emit harmful gases and toxic wastes.


  1. Marble floor tiles can withstand a lot of polish, while other natural stone tiles can be damaged. You can paint the floor as much as you like, and it will sparkle with a glamorous elegance. Marble floors have a shimmering and silky effect that makes them stand out even in empty hallways.


  1. Marble is a high-density stone, making it an excellent option for flooring in areas where there is a lot of traffic or constant use.


Cons Marble Tile:

  •  If not properly maintained, marble floor tiles are easily scratched. Scratches have the potential to damage them. Scraping and chipping will wreak havoc on the floor. If the polish is added, these flaws become more visible. The only way to fix these problems is to patch the faulty tiles.


  • Marble, like every other stone, has a hard and a soft side. Even the sturdy crystalline structure can be dented or smashed over time, so it’s important to seal your marble tiles as soon as possible after installation. A sealant protects the marble from damage caused by heavy furniture or foot traffic and helps to maintain the polished and refined appearance of the stone.
  • When polished, marble floors are particularly slippery, posing a serious slipping hazard. If not careful, the hard surface of these floors can also break bones. To prevent slipping, marble should not be placed near pool decks or other wet areas.


Professional Installation: 

  • Marble floor tiles are susceptible to various damages, including cracks, chips, and breaks. Professional stone installers, such as our Avalon installers, are recommended for the installation.


  • Marble floors are the best natural stone floors and the most common with homeowners, but they are also the most costly. The cost per tile, installation fees, and maintenance fees are higher than any other natural stone used in home design. However, the investment is well worth it because they add both beauty and value to your house!


  • You’re better able to make an informed decision on whether marble tile is the right material for your space now that you’ve learned all of the benefits and drawbacks of this traditional, elegant material.


  • We want you to be satisfied from the moment you walk into our showroom to the moment you walk out with your new flooring, and as your home design partner, we’ll be there with you every step of the way. Consider us your one-stop shop for all things flooring (and window treatments)!


  • Our design experts have the expertise to direct you through the wide range of items we have to sell, and our specialist construction team has been highly trained to ensure that everything is assembled exactly as you want it. We understand that your home is a reflection of your personality, and we’re here to ensure that you’ll be proud of it for years to come.



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