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Problems with HVAC systems in the Attic

As you know, the HVAC system has an indoor and outdoor unit. Most homeowners install their HVAC units in attics, which is a space-saving hack. The attic is the best place for installing an air conditioning system. However, some people think the basement is way better. Even some HVAC Cleaning in Duluth GA services recommend HVAC system installation in the basement.
Usually, like most homeowners, you may place the outdoor unit in your backyard. However, an indoor unit attic could be a practical solution if there is enough space there.

Why an Attic Installation?

You may know that an HVAC installation can be pricey, so installing it in the Attic could benefit savings. Instead of winding the ductwork through working and mending the floors and walls, you can let them loose.
Furthermore, HVAC units in the attics have low noises, which causes less racket than other systems. If you rarely use your attic space, these sounds won’t be much bothered.
On the other hand, HVAC installation in the Attic has its problems.

Issues in installing HVAC Unit in Attic

If you have installed an HVAC unit in your Attic, you’ll probably forget about it after some time. It is one of the reasons why air duct cleaning in Duluth GA services start their inspections from the Attic. Without a routine inspection, it can be challenging to determine if the system is working well or not. Sometimes you may have to perform cleaning, so it’s better not to forget about it.
As mentioned, there are a set of problems. They could very well be because of installing the HVAC unit in the Attic. In movies like Home Alone (the first one was epic), you have seen the air conditioner system and the furnace in the basement.

They have their own set of problems. Like the horror movie, ‘Evil Dead’ taught us to never go in that basement (sorry if you forgot about it).
Coming back to the point, here are some problems that your HVAC installations in the Attic may have:

You May Never Find the Issue

Horror movies have taught us to stay away from attics and basements. It could be the reason most of us forget to check the HVAC system regularly if it’s working fine or there may be an issue.
Remember what Will McAvoy said? “The first step to solving a problem is to recognize there is one.” With an attic installation out of sight, you may never find out what a problem is. As a result, you may notice usual issues later, which will leave you with more significant issues later.

Loss in HVAC Unit’s efficiency

Just going up to the Attic for an inspection is not as fun as you think, especially in this summer heat. What happens is that the insulations could get damaged throughout the seasons that will ultimately affect the HVAC systems and ductwork. According to HVAC Cleaning Duluth GA services, this reduces the heating or cooling of your air conditioner or furnace, which is costly to repair.

It may be too hot for HVAC to work.

The temperature of your Attic could affect the air in your ductwork as well. It is why you should consider all the spots where ductwork must pass through the ceiling that is generated in low-level rooms. Hot air from rooms travels back into the Attic and out of the house through a vent that you might have placed as an air outlet.
This loss of heat makes your HVAC system work more, increasing operating expenses, which could ultimately lead to high utility bills. It could also lead to higher chances of overall system failure.

What you should do is install some ventilation for your HVAC system that will help its work, like a fan or windows that could help with airflow in the Attic. Installing an exhaust fan could help too.

Air Leaks in the Attic

Air leakage can be dangerous and couldn’t be easily detected as it might be in the Attic. It happens if the air duct or the HVAC unit has some damage that went undetected for a long time. It results in a damp and humid environment that is unpleasant for most people. Not only that, This adds to an energy efficiency issue that will reflect in your utility bills. The only way in this situation that you will know if anything is wrong is when you feel mold odor or rotting on wooden structures.
Dripping the ceiling are Signs of an Attic Issue.

Air Duct Cleaning Duluth GA services usually guide their customers about signs that could pass as plumbing problems and could very well be an HVAC system’s issue. Both air conditioners and furnaces create condensation, which goes into a drain pan. These drain pans and lines leading to them get clogged from time to time, resulting in overfill, spilling, and causing unnecessary leaks. It creates a pool in a ceiling somewhere that eats away the roof and results in dripping water. As you may have guessed, this doesn’t happen fast and takes their time. It’s a sign of not cleaning for a long time, which affects the HVAC unit’s working a lot.

Found the problems, but what now?

Encountering the problems, even one of them, has its frustration. As most HVAC Cleaning Duluth GA services put it, it’s a recipe for an HVAC headache on your hands. You could be spending hundreds of dollars to maintain your HVAC system to improve your home’s atmosphere.

However, moving your system somewhere else, although it sounds like a lot of work, could save money in the long run. Another way you can try is to increase the frequency of inspections in your Attic. You may also try better insulation that will keep everything in order if there’s damage.

Air Duct Cleaning Duluth GA service helps find the best solution for your attic HVAC system cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, they can list any possible issues and provide the best solutions and timely inspecting solutions for your attic HVAC system.


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