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Monitoring the Line Chat With Line Screen Recorder

The use of an instant messaging app is a must while living in this android world. Instant messaging apps are taking over simple text messaging and we are here for it. Because why not? they are free, have colorful emojis, and emoticons styles, Offer group chats and individual messaging, offer personalized themes, and many other attractive features. So everyone uses an instant app these days to connect with loved ones and for making new friends. One of the apps that are widely used is the Line App. Line app offers a bundle of features that makes the user addicted to the app. Teenagers use this app for sharing fun content, work, etc. The young employee uses the instant messaging app for official and unofficial chat, media sharing, meetings, discussions, etc. Thus every age group uses one or another instant messaging app so there is no denial in the fact that there is a very high user rate of the instant messaging app as compare to the simple text message.

But with the attraction and freedom here comes the darker side of excessive use of these instant messaging app. The high rate of online stalking, harassment, and bullying issues have been reported all around the world and it is alarming news for parents. So we are here for the worried parents who are sick of the Line or any other instant messenger app. We’re here for the employers as well who want to track all the social media butterflies who use social media or instant messaging app during the official working hours and waste time in useless activities. OgyMogy offers several features one of them is a line screen recorder.

Record The Incoming and Outgoing Messages:

The line screen recorder of the android spy app offers complete remote access to the incoming and outgoing message record. So keep an eye on the message content and make sure your kid has a good line of a company. Keep a strict eye on the digital activities of the id with a Line screen recorder. It helps the user to know about the message content so make sure no one uses any abusive language in the chatbox.

Check The Media Shared Through The Line App:

Line app offers a media sharing option as well. So people can share media in any format like a music file, a voice message any document a pdf file, a video, etc. So make sure you know about the kind and content of media shared through the target line app. The line screen recorder of the app allows the user to check the media content shared through the app. So make sure no one sends any offensive or triggering stuff to the kid or any patient suffering from mental illness. This feature can also help the parents to find out about any adult content or malicious stuff shared through the line app. So keep a strict eye on the teen and check the media shared through the Line app with the Line screen recorder.

Keep an Eye on The Audio and Video Call Log:

Instant messaging apps have made audio and video calling a lot easier. So anyone who has access to a smartphone and internet can make a video call to anyone living across the globe or present upstairs. With the line screen recorder feature of the app user can monitor the incoming and outgoing audio and video call records of the target person. The best thing is that OgyMogy saves the record with complete timestamp information. So know about who is most frequently in contact with the target person. You can track your employee call and know about any long call record during the official hours with the line screen record feature of the app.

Working Of Line Screen Recorder:

The line screen recorder of the spy app records all the activities of the target person in the form of short video recordings. OgyMogy uploads all the digital activities of the target person to the web portal. Thus the user can remotely access the web portal and check the recording of the line activities of the target person.

Check the monitoring software The OgyMogy and make your life stress-free.


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