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Manage your Business Activities with Dynamics 365

Productivity, development, security, sales, and engagement are the main focuses of any business. And to enhance their functionalities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings together a unique set of capabilities for businesses. It is the next generation of intelligent business applications hosted in the Cloud. Dynamics 365 serves Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) features.

Dynamics 365’s apps include:

  • Field service
  • Project management
  • Marketing

as standard and the option to bolt on operations and financials

Here, are some undeniable benefits and ways to enhance your business performance with Microsoft Dynamics 365:

The business benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Flexibility: It includes applications that fit all types of industries and businesses. You can subscribe to applications specific to your business needs. This enables you to run your entire business from the cloud.


  • Productivity: Dynamics 365 integrates familiar products like Outlook and Excel and surfaces them in the context of business processes, roles and jobs.


  • Intelligence: Using Cortana and Power BI you can now build intelligence into business processes. This helps employees and customers to discover, analyze and apply data to improve decision-making and communication.


  • Adaptive: By using apps integrated within the Dynamics 365 platform, business leaders can change and evolve their processes in real-time. It accesses a consistent, extensible, and upgraded platform which is not restricted by any legacy technology.

Microsoft Dynamics Appointment Scheduling

Organizations often use appointments in Dynamics 365. For example,

  • A salesperson using appointments to meet with potential customers
  • A customer service representative creating a service appointment to help a customer

Dynamics 365 Appointments display on the Field Service schedule board alongside bookings.

Other key features and functionalities of Microsoft dynamics appointment scheduling are:

  • Appointments will show as read-only on the new schedule board.
  • Appointments displays in all views of the new schedule board segregated by hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly views.
  • Hovering on an appointment displays more details in a card.
  • Customize appointment colors on the schedule board
  • Hide canceled appointments
  • Appointments marked private in Outlook will not show their subject on the schedule board
  • Appointments with statuses Busy and Completed displays as unavailable
  • Scheduling operations will consider appointments as location-agnostic.
  • If an appointment has related bookings then those bookings will not appear in scheduling operations.

Developers can use the schedule assistant APIs:

  • Custom web apps
  • A Dynamics 365 portal
  • PowerApps canvas apps

to support appointment scheduling scenarios.

Keep track of notes, tasks, calls, or email with activities

In Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, you can use Activities to keep track of all your customer communications. Actions considered as activities are:

  • Taking notes
  • Sending email
  • Making phone calls
  • Setting up appointments
  • Assigning yourself tasks as you resolve a service case
  • Staying up-to-date with customer feeds and news, etc.

Add a new activity

To keep a track record of the communication history with customers, you can add an activity associated with a contact, opportunity, account, or other type.

You and other accessed people on your team can look through the activity feed as you work with the customer, and see the history of your interactions. You can add activities in reports too for tracking your ongoing progress.

You can even add a task or note for yourself when you want a reminder to do something personal. For instance, scheduling a doctor’s appointment or ordering a birthday gift for your friend.

And once you have completed that activity or any task, you can mark the activity for that action as completed. You can also use service calendar dynamics 365 for scheduling and adding new activities.

Attach a document

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to attach documents, spreadsheets, pictures, and about any type of file to notes or tasks.

Logical Navigation

On the MS Dynamics 365 functions dashboard of your business, you can analyze the company’s performance metrics in a summary format. Navigating to the most common functions like orders or invoices increases efficiency. One of the most user-friendly features is the action ribbon. It serves as storage for your actions, reports, and tools saved in the Dynamics 365 system.

Ability for Automation through Microsoft Flow

When there are any upgrades or changes, your team needs to be aware of the same, right? So, this feature of MS Dynamics 365 allows you to create a basic one step “flow” that sends out notice or information to your entire team when there are any updates or changes in any item. The benefits of this feature are that the process becomes automated after once created. And it results in a higher level of team performance, efficiency, and productivity.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines the ERP and CRM components of Dynamics into a sleek, user-friendly product. The logical, easy navigation from the home page (where everything is centrally-located), the new and improved Outlook, and the automation capabilities introduced with Microsoft Flow are all unique new features that help set Microsoft Dynamics 365 apart.

Integration capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates perfectly with other products like:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Office 365
  • SharePoint

Without purchasing other development tools and languages for the integration. Office 365 and SharePoint compliments extracts every data and patterns from email conversations to actionable tasks and shared documents.


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How can this summarize your business growth?

Sales teams often shift between different business apps such as CRM, Twitter, Outlook, etc. during their workday, while marketers use various marketing platforms. And as Dynamics 365 integrates with many apps, sales people can produce updated quotes directly from those apps. This ensures the delivery of quick customer response.

In the age of digital transformation, Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you a unified platform for your business apps. Now, summarize yourself, how these features and functionalities will affect your business. This will help you in serving over-all experiences and saving time too.


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