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How to use Cumin seeds for weight loss

Cumin is a familiar spice worldwide used in various cuisine and cumin seeds India is the global exporter helping people worldwide to maintain their health. Cumin seeds are mainly grown in India, Mexico, and China. It is also a famous ingredient in curry and chili powder. Cumin helps to lower your cholesterol level and helps reduce your blood sugar.

In addition, it is fantastic in boosting your metabolism. Many studies have confirmed that using ground cumin seeds assists people in losing weight.

So let’s explore some detailed information regarding this below:

How cumin seeds work:

Cumin can help you lose weight through its distinctive active ingredient known as thymoquinone. It is a naturally generating chemical that possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Cumin assists your cells in responding to glucose and insulin, which maintain your blood sugar in a stable state.

In addition, thymoquinone attacks the free radicals in your body, helping your body clean toxins.

Then, when everything seems to work correctly, you may observe any signs of swelling, fatigue, and bloating are reduced when you use Cumin effectively. By the time, the cumin effect can work altogether with an exercise and healthy diet to reduce fatty acids and minimize inflammation in your body.

However, some research has proved that Cumin effectively helps to lose weight, but further studies are needed to have a firm conclusion about how effectively it works.

Ways to use Cumin for weight loss:

You can utilize Cumin for weight loss in multiple ways:

Cumin Drink:

Cumin drink is also known as jeera water. It is relatively easy to make. Try making in by soaking two teaspoons of cumin seeds in 1.5 quarters of boiling water, strain the seeds out. Lastly, drink that water that is infused with cumin extracts and healthy oils. Additionally, jeera water helps you boost your metabolism, maintains blood sugar in a stable condition, and boosts your hydration.

Furthermore, people prefer having jeera water twice a day on an empty stomach for attaining the best results.

  • Cumin Supplements:

You can opt for oral cumin supplements that consist of black cumin seed oil or ground cumin seeds. Use these supplements with a meal once per day or follow the package instructions. However, cumin supplements help in stabilizing your blood sugar level.

  • Adding Cumin to your diet:

You can also ultimately choose to consume in your diet. For example, cumin seeds, ground cumin, and chili powder all consist of metabolism-boosting potentialities and antioxidants of Cumin. Additionally, roasted vegetables, lentils, and seasoning rice with Cumin add a beneficial and delicious way to tastes its benefits.

Benefits of Cumin seeds India:

  • Enhance digestion

People having weak digestive are strongly suggested to drink jeera water regularly, it promotes the way for a healthy digestive system. If the digestive system is in control, remaining all body functions can be maintained. Thymol, a specific compound found on the cumin seeds, enhances gastric gland secretion.

It helps to crack down all the complex nutrients such as sugar, fat, and proteins to maintain your gut healthily and balance your digestive problems, such as diarrhea, nausea at bay, and indigestion.

  • Relives acidity:

Jeera water effectively prevents and reduces acidity and relieves its symptoms like pain, nausea, heartburn, constipation, bloating, etc.

  • Fights cancer:

Cumin contains chemopreventive and detoxifying properties. Furthermore, as per the study administered by the (Cancer research laboratory USA), the active component cumin aldehyde identified in Cumin helps slow down the development of a tumor.

  • Helps treat insomnia:

Cumin’s essential oils are hypotonic and have significant soothing effects, eases anxiety and stress that generally cause insomnia. Furthermore, Cumin consists of melatonin, a sleep-regulating hormone, and a considerable amount of magnesium and iron, which are vital for inducing sleep promptly and regulating good brain activity.

  • Relieves cold and asthma:

The potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties of cumin seeds making it an excellent treatment for treating cold and asthma. It plays a role of a linctus by losing the mucus and phlegm in the respiratory tracts, further making it convenient to eliminate. Additionally, the crucial oil acts as an antiseptic and helps boost immunity and avert infections.

  • Increases metabolism and fat burning:

Jeera promotes fat burning and accelerates body metabolism. It makes you look perfect and fitter. The jeera water is mainly helpful in getting rid of belly fat.

  • Treats diabetes mellitus:

Drinking jeera water improves insulin reactivity. As a result, it prevents a sudden rise in blood sugar levels further helps in the treatment of (type 2) diabetes mellitus.

  • Promote better memory:

As cumins come with many vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6, niacin, riboflavin, and zeaxanthin, using Cumin would be an excellent benefit for the brain to function actively. Cumin assists in sharpening memory and promoting good health by nourishing brain cells.

  • Treats acne and soothes the skin:

Cumin possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It helps you to get relief abruptly from stings and allergies. In addition, it soothes the skin and helps to control inflammation resulting from allergies—the anti-bacterial properties of cumin help to cures acne by destroying the bacteria on the skin.

Misbelief about cumin weight loss results:

Misbelief about the way that it works also exists. If cumin seeds are effective against help you to lose weight, there are actual limits to how much you can expect to use them. Cumin cannot target one area of your body, such as your stomach, to burn fat. So while it does help or improve reduce inflammation resulting in a thinner-looking midsection, Cumin cannot entirely remove fat, except overall weight loss can target fat acids in your body.


In the above information, we have learned how Cumin seeds India offer excellent benefits for your health. It is effective in reducing inflammation and proved to the best remedy to help lose weight. Although however, Cumin might be a miracle ingredient, you still have to perform your part by regularly practicing exercise, ultimately committed to cutting down your calories will help you experience its exclusive benefits.


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