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How to Flair Custom Printed Candle Boxes?

Candles were once used as utility items burning today’s world candles are used for many purposes. From decoration to the spiritual, traditional purpose, candles are everywhere. Some for funerals, birthdays, and other ceremonies. Prayer candles, gift candles, scented candles, fireless candles, magic candles, decorative candles all are available for different types and are in high demand.

Candles are one of the most fragile items as they can break easily by external variables. High temperature also affects its chemical composition and can also reshape it. For protection, candles are packed in cartons made of specific materials. In a candle shop or at malls, you will find lots of candles in plastic film, aluminum trays, and paper cartons. Each type of packaging has its own advantage. Glass vessels are considered one of the most beautiful types of packaging because of their multiple uses and specific design.

Custom printed candle boxes are mostly in demand because they can be easily available in the market and they are easy to design. Printing these custom candle cartons is a very trendy thing because customization allows new printing techniques, alluring design, you can select the type of box, floral prints, warm or cool colors, and elegant design to make the case more attractive to your customers.

Packaging nowadays plays a vital role in marketing your article because the packaging is the first thing a consumer looks up to. A custom printed candle carton with a windowpane can also help in boosting sales because this makes the item looks sleek as you are able to see the product inside the cardboard packet. Candles also make exceptional gifts for your loved ones.

Materials Used in Making Candle Cartons

Custom printed candle cases are made of three different materials. Kraft paper, cardboard, and corrugated materials are commonly used for making hampers. Out of paper, metal, plastic, and glass, the most opted material is Kraft paper. Kraft paper cartons have the ability to keep your item safe and intact inside the pack. Cardboard material is sturdy enough to protect the packed candle during shipping and delivery.

Delicate candles might also ruin due to mishandling and adverse climate conditions. In order to avoid such incidents, it is mandatory to pack candles in strong and sturdy candle cases.

Customizing Your Box as per Your Specifications

A custom printed pack is ideal for any business. Corporations nowadays are using printed cartons to boost their sales and to make their brand recognized amongst the masses. Packaging serves this purpose. A modern yet elegant packaging helps in grabbing customers’ attention towards your item. Various companies are offering this service where you can design your box as per your identification. You can also design online as samples and designs are available on various platforms.

An emblem with a brand tagline is the most important thing to be printed on your pack as it will help in promoting your brand. You can further add the color of your article, type, product nature, directions to use, features of your product, expiry and manufacturing dates, manufacturer’s information including office and email address. This also helps in getting customers’ feedback.

Money Sustainability

Sustainable and eco-friendly products serve to be packaged in more lightweight stuff which can eventually reduce transportation costs. These custom printed cases are inexpensive and the material which is used in making these boxes is easily available in the market. Custom cartoons are very cost-effective.  You must know who your ideal customers are and what are they looking for and what is going to grab their attention. If you know the answers to these questions you are going to design a box that will do wonders in the market.

Target your audience and select the most economical and cost-effective material to produce your box and print it with the most beautiful design. If you are looking for inspiration for your packaging design there are plenty of options available to select from.  Remember you want to pick a look that is trendier and more modern look wise.


The best thing about candle cartons is they are available in different sizes and shapes yet they are inexpensive and are made up of 100% environmentally friendly material.


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