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How Protein Shakes Work The Best For Weight Gain?

People drink protein shakes for various reasons such as muscle gain, weight loss, injury recovery, gaining stamina, and endurance. But people are unaware of the fact that protein shakes can work as an excellent health supplement for weight gain as well. Less than 18.5 Body mass index (BMI) indicates that a person is underweight and should gain more weight. One can gain weight by consuming a calorie-rich diet that contains energy as well.

Protein shakes can be the best way to gain weight fast and properly. While people also wonder about when to drink protein shakes, the timing for weight gain depends on personal health factors and convenience. 

Protein shakes comprise two primary nutrients, namely, protein and calories. Both the nutrients are essential for maintaining fitness and body health. In addition, the two nutrients are great to prevent weight loss and promote weight gain. Let us now look at the key properties of how protein shakes work the best for weight gain

Protein Shakes are Dietary Supplements

Dietary or health supplements come in handy when a person cannot fulfill the daily nutrition requirement through foods. For example, protein shakes are an excellent supplement for weight gain for people who do not get enough protein and calories through the daily diet. 

Calories are mainly responsible for the weight a person carries in their body. On the other hand, protein is a nutrient that provides all the essential amino acids necessary for muscle health and recovery. Amino acids are also known as the building blocks of protein. The two most famous types of proteins are whey and casein. Both are animal-derived types of proteins, so vegan or gluten sensitivity people cannot consume them. 

There are some famous vegetarian sources of proteins as well, such as legumes, pea, soy, etc. So people who have dietary constraints for personal or cultural reasons can go for these supplements if they want to gain weight with the help of protein shakes. Also, there are now available multiple supplements of protein in the form of tablets, shakes, shake powders, etc. Although protein shakes work the best for most people, one can choose the supplement as per convenience. 

Protein Shakes Contain Calories- The Key Nutrient For Weight Gain

Most protein shakes have a decent amount of calories. A good protein shake contains 4 calories in every gram of protein. So this additional amount of calories can help fasten the pace of weight gain among underweight people. People looking for fast weight gain should try to pick the ones who have more calories. This is so because calories are the main nutrient responsible for weight gain. So to know how many calories a food or a protein shake contains, it is crucial to carefully read the nutrition fact label. Foods containing the highest calories, including some top protein shakes, may work well for weight gain.

Talking about calories in protein shakes should not leave out the functions of protein for weight gain. Protein is a nutrient that ensures the maintenance of muscle mass, prevents muscle wastage, and delivers energy to the body. Older people are prone to muscle wear and tear. Protein can avoid this damage and save the body’s energy for ideal weight maintenance. 

Protein shakes paired with regular exercise and a balanced diet can optimally protect muscles and tissues so that they can carry ideal mass or weight for the body altogether. Thus, a protein shake that contains high amounts of calories can help gain weight and prevent muscle loss. 

Which Protein Shake to Choose For Weight Gain?

There is a range of protein shakes available in the market. People can choose the premade protein shakes for weight gain as per their comfort and convenience of health. One can also prepare protein shakes at home by simply mixing the protein powder with either water or milk. Protein powders are easy and convenient as people can either add them to different types of foods such as cereals or prepare shakes with them. 

As we have discussed, there are many vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources of proteins available in the market. Whey and casein being the top ones, these protein powders may offer a decent amount of calories, carbs, and some may also have other vital nutrients as well. One can enhance the calorie content by mixing these protein powders with liquids that are already high in calories to gain weight. To prepare a calorie-rich and delicious protein shake at home, one can mix the protein powder with any of the following- 

  • Buttermilk
  • Chocolate milk
  • Soy milk
  • Rice milk
  • Almond milk
  • Any fruit or vegetable juice

Apart from these ready-to-use options, one can also add chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, strawberry syrup, etc., to enhance the taste of protein shake and enrich the drink with calories to gain weight fast. In addition, adding carbs-rich food such as banana or peanut butter is also a good way to prepare a protein shake that ramps up the pace of weight gain

To conclude, we can say that protein shakes for weight gain are suitable for people looking for dietary supplements to fasten up their weight gain process. Protein shakes are versatile health supplements as they maintain the overall health and build of the body by protecting muscle, keeping unnecessary weight under check, and appropriately increasing body mass. However, people should always consult a dietary expert or a health professional to incorporate any dietary supplement to gain weight. This advice is a must to follow for people having underlying health problems. 


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