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Hikvision ColorVu Cameras Price

Hikvision introduces a new product series ColorVu cameras which combines the tradition of the security industry in imaging and new hydrogen caliber technology

Hikvision brings the concept of ColorVu Cameras to life colour blue technology enables cameras to produce ColorVu videos even in extremely dimly light environments.

Hikvision Cameras

Hikvision ColorVu cameras powerful ability to capture details in low lightning comes from specific breakthroughs in terms of hardware technologies.

Hikvision ColorVu Camera Specifications

  1. 4MP ColorVu Fixed Bullet Network IP Camera.
  2. High-quality imaging with 4 MP resolution.
  3. 24/7 full-color imaging Efficient.
  4. H.265+ compression technology.
  5. Clear imaging against strong backlight due to 120 dB true WDR technology.
  6. Water and dust resistant (IP67).
  7. Robust structure design with full metal materials.

Advanced lens number two high-performance sensors coupled with supplemental light for extremely dark scenarios now let me highlight a couple of facts for you fact number one having 24/7 ColorVu imaging with accurate colour rendering and excellent performance in low-light environments everlasting brightness and colour to be your guardian for 24 hours.

More about Hikvision ColorVu Cameras

Capture details comparing two confidential cameras ColorVu camera can clearly capture colour information and richer details, as a result, reduce your surveillance risks.

Better visual experience having f 1.0 super aperture and advanced sensor guarantees realistic rendering keep an excellent brightness balance to ensure the images sharp and clear the question now in which application scenarios you can use colorable cameras.

Residential ColorVu cameras provide and match surveillance where incidents or accidents occur and eliminate areas to reduce risk and improve safety for tenants and visitors better quality imaging improved suspect identification.

Providing a safer environment for residents, in small businesses enjoy better illumination with ColorVu cameras while they protect your employee’s customers and assets helping them to feel safe around within your property

What Hikvision ColorVu cameras are available to buy now?

4MP ColorVu Fixed Turret Network Camera

2MP Full Time Colour Turret Camera

2MP Full Time Colour Bullet Camera

2MP Full Time Colour Bullet Camera

4MP ColorVu Fixed Turret Network Camera

4MP ColorVu Fixed Turret Network Camera

4MP ColorVu Fixed Bullet Network Camera

4MP ColorVu Fixed Bullet Network Camera

At the parking, the features of ColorVu camera ensure high-resolution detailed imagery such as the colour of a person, the colour of clothing and number plate of a car scenario at parks and recreation areas better in the evening and night-time elimination keeps members of the community feeling safe and comfortable.

Conclusion: Hikvision ColorVu Cameras is on to a champ!

As a matter of fact, this is an exceptionally fundamental test dependent on a couple of depictions on a reasonable winter’s night, however, even from this, you can see immediately the points of interest that the ColorVu cameras bring.

More noteworthy lucidity, less glare, and – obviously – colors!

It’s an astounding thing Hikvision has accomplished, truly, having the option to place this innovation into a bundle that any business can manage, and structure factors they’re utilized to.


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