Hikvision Camera Built in Audio and Flashing Light

Hikvision camera with built-in audio and flashing light. Today we’re going to take out the long-awaited a much-hyped Hikvision camera.

I have such product figure behind me here then there is up and running so we’re going to take a quick look if I zoom you in and is underneath there you will see in that compartment is a built-in speaker now the volume can be adjusted the turret would be on the front edge here and the bullet I find is louder so if his audio projection needed then I would say the bullet is a much better option for you so there’s the built in speaker there.

What we can do now is zoom you out let me just put you back and what you’ll find with this product is the Turret Camera is a much nicer finish lower down retail environment look smart but the bullet as a much father reach-in or dual flush in like what you’ll see is so the trigger action is line crushing line crossing or intrusion.

Hikvision Camera with Built-In Speaker & Flashing Light

Hikvision IP Camera with Built-In Microphone

There we set that up on the web browser of the camera the flash in like intensity and time and same with the audio volume 10 pre-set messages and the length of the audio clip can all be adjusted the cameras part of the new easy IP 4 range so they’re more stable better algorithm so you shouldn’t get the level of false alarms you may have done previously so we’ll take a quick look at the web set up now and I’ll agree you’ll probably find lots of uses for this.

we’re going to put you straight by here zoom you straight in so you can see there we go and there on the setup page so standard camera interface web browsing it can be on a twenty recorder because the functionality is self-contained within the camera.

The web browsing code the configuration so the first thing you need to do is under the basic event you’ve got the flashing alarm light output you can select the duration it flashes for after the event is triggered so that’s anywhere up to 60 seconds so we can adjust that to 60 and the flashing frequency is High Medium or low so we’ll leave it at high audible alarm output you can choose one of ten pre-recorded messages currently.


we cannot choose our own pre-recorded message hopefully that comes in the next stage but for now, it’s one of the ten so maybe it would be attention please this area is under surveillance parking restricted area we can select that one how many times the audio clip plays relates to the alarm time so we can put that say 10 times or one activation ten times playing that’s probably a bit excessive we’ll say twice on this one and the sound volume which is a hundred percent so you adjust these independently in there the next menu under smart event.

The line cross in intrusion scene change region and region exit so underline cross in we’ve drawn our line here it’s a humoral vehicle as to the detection target directional line cross-sensitivity minimum and maximum object size if you like but we’ve drawn it by directional line and it’s up to four lines I mean the schedule is 24/7 but if you only want the audio to work outside of hours so when the store is closed so say between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. you set that appropriately and the linkage method would be flashing alarm an audible alarm so you select that click that and what happens then is if we turn you around go into local go to a naval on the rule so you can see the rules.

There’s a blue line there so if I put it like that when I trigger this so somebody being triggered by me boy this restricted area please away what is this restricted area away so what we can do is I just trigger then again will change the outlet away or do Alpert so under event boy it is restricted area away and again this is one of the more popular ones the siren red one which loves playing loud danger please keep away okay.

If I trigger the line note please away and let’s do another one for fun please away so what are the ones are parking maybe to pick this is a little parking zone danger please keep away will trigger that morning it is a no parking zone please away warning no parking zone what I’m going to do is just quickly turn that linkage method off for a really annoys everybody there we go so mister zoom that I’ll dare listing this put that there we go so you can see how many applications up potentially has like I said this is the first generation


Hikvision Camera with Built in Microphone and Speaker

we expect it to be a very popular product it’s purely powered it, I’ll it can be used in isolation if you power with a POE or just our 12 volts and set that functionality up you can almost fit and forget it and use it as a Tarrant deterrent or as part of a larger CCTV system the standard CCD functionality is there

Its four megapixels fixed lens so you get an absolutely brilliant video image they unlike and we’ve seen some great results from this

We hope you find some very intuitive uses for this and we’re going to love to hit your stories and feedback on this product and we hope that this range will grow for now that’s all


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