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Health Benefits of Fennel Seeds

Fennel seed is a flavourful and highly aromatic herb derived from a shrub. The seeds appear to be greenish in color and have a refreshing flavor and faintly sweet smell. The fennel plant is known to have emanated in the Mediterranean, but today Fennel Seeds India is a more prominent exporter of this herb. It proliferates in multiple nutrients include vitamins, minerals, and fibers.

Crushed Fennel Seeds:

It can be effortlessly prepared at home. Firstly, roast and cool down the fennel seeds, later crush them grossly utilizing a mortar-pestle or pouring them between two plastic sheets, using a rolling pin grinding it smoothly. Crushed fennel seeds appertain to the fennel seeds which have been pounded or crushed into a coarse powder. Lastly, you can store the fennel seeds in an air-tight container and use them as you required.

Fennel Seeds Powder:

It can be done quickly by grinding the required amount of fennel seeds in a dry blender; you can ultimately make a fennel seeds powder. Grind it smoothly or grossly, depending on the recipe requirement. Further store them in a dry and cool place. It can be added with dry masala powders utilized for making various curries and gravies. This powder can also be added to the pickles, such as lemon pickles, mango pickles, etc.

How to choose fennel seeds:

  • Always select fennel seeds that are not contaminated with stones, dust, or other wreckage
  • Only prefer those fennel seeds are sold in sealed packets to ensure the aroma is still alive.
  • Make sure you don’t choose grey fennel seeds, as they are considered mature ones that are likely to have lost their flavors and aroma.

Cooking uses of fennel seeds:

  • Indians possess enough knowledge about the fennel seeds as it is typically used in every household as a digestive ingredient and mouth refresher aid after meals. Some prefer having roasted and salt fennel seeds whereas, others likely to have raw fennel seeds.
  • The fennel seeds carry bulk fibers, which makes it easy for bowel movements too. People in old age who suffer from constipation can chew fennel seeds after having foods or prefer having fennel tea to relieve constipation.
  • Add fennel seeds to soups, salads, and stews
  • It is a vital herb in the Bengali five-spice mix known as panch phoron, used to flavor vegetable curries and dishes.
  • You can also add them to a risotto dish.
  • In some Indian restaurants, they offer fennel seeds to eat as a digestive on the way out.
  • It is used for babies by boiling fennel seeds and steeped in water, further strained and fed to babies as a colic-reliever

Some of the exciting fact of fennel seeds:

  • Fennel Seeds India stands as the number one producer and exporters of fennel seeds
  • Fennel is commonly given to breastfeeding mothers to increase lactation
  • Sprinkling some fennel powder in a flea area helps to get rid of them quickly. As it dislikes the fennel.

Health benefits of the fennel seeds:

  • Aids in Digestion:

The fennel seeds possess rich content of fiber which is exclusively enough to prove its digestive benefits. One tablespoon of fennel seeds gives 2.3 grams of fiber.

  • Helps in constipation:

As fennel seeds have the bulk of fiber contents, it makes it easy for bowel movements too. The rich fiber in fennel helps to minimize the (LDL) bad cholesterol in the body, further preventing the development of plaque, and cardiac attack problem,s

Harvesting fennel seeds:

If you are planting fennel, you can effortlessly harvest your fennel seeds and store your spice cabinet by yourself. As your fennel leaves are just emerging to turn brown and dry out at this phase, you should harvest the seeds. Clip the very top of the stalks where the leaf heads grow. Place the leaf heads on a tray and leave them in a dry, dark area to entirely dry out. It will take a week or two considerably. And finally, after it gets dried, the seeds will dry up and drop off the leaves.

Purchasing fennel seeds:

As fennel seeds, India stands as the first producer and exporter of fennel seeds; people can easily avail themselves of the fennel in spice stores, supermarkets, and specialist herb stores. All good Indian shops would have stored them. While fennel seeds are accessible in the multi-range of colors, the optimal quality and freshest fennel seeds are usually seen as the bright green ones. Older ones can quickly be detected as they have lost their color and freshness over time, making them appear dull and faded. While purchasing the fennel seeds, look for unwrinkled, plump seeds having an intense fennel fragrance.

How and where to store fennel seeds:

It is appropriate to store the fennel seeds in a cool, dark area away from the sunlight or heat temperatures. An air-tight glass container would be an ideal choice. A spice case is optimal since most of the other spices retain their potency and last longer for an extendable period. Suppose it is stored in this way. Make sure you keep them away from pests and moistures. Also, it is not acceptable to store fennels seeds for longer than six months on an important note.

Side effects of the fennel seeds:

Fennel seeds consist of oils that can be extricated into concentrated forms. All kinds of natural oils consist of potent chemicals which can cause side effects if you utilize them too much beyond the respected quantity.

In 2015, the research found that a high quantity of fennel seed oils would increase female hormones in mice. But still, it isn’t confirmed that fennel seeds have the same impact on humans or how much you are required to eat. There is also a possibility of getting allergic to fennel seeds. However, more research needs to be done on the fennel seeds’ side effects and potential benefits.


From the above discussion, it can be easily understood where fennel seeds originated and why Fennel seeds India is ranked top. Fennel seed offers multiple health benefits. It is advised to harvest them and use them naturally, availing all its healthy benefits by adding rich fiber content to your food and getting rid of numerous health problems.


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