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Difference between Calacatta and Statuario marble?

What’s Statuario marble?

Regarding esteemed marble that radiates luxury and magnificence, you cannot get a lot better than Statuario marble. Along with Calacatta, it’s considered one of the leading white-colored marbles because of its pristine quality and stunning aesthetic. This rare and exclusive stone features a usually vibrant white-colored-colored background with captivating grey veins throughout in patterns that are both striking and bold, additionally to delicate and feathered. Statuario is the perfect marble for indoor applications. For example, reception counters, kitchen countertops and splashbacks, flooring, and toilet vanities may frequently be located in five-star hotels and esteemed residential premises.

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Bianco Statuario Marble slab

Statuary white marble will get its name from the quarries of origin, the famous quarries within the mountain region above Carrara of Italia, however, availability for Statuario is a lot more limited than other varieties and suppliers cannot take care of the popular, this will make Statuario one of the most exclusive and searched for after marble types on the planet.


Kitchen with Statuario marble

There are two primary kinds of Statuario marble. The foremost and most prized variety is known as “Bianco Statuario,” this marble is of the purest quality and could be milky white-colored with a few fading light veins or even more classic vibrant white-colored background with a couple of prominent thick veins crossing the slabs known as “bastoni” in Italian, or tree branches. Due to its striking aesthetic, this variety is often coveted for statement projects by utilizing book-match patterning.


Bianco Statuario marble slab

The 2nd version is “Statuario Venato,” this variety includes a vibrant white-colored background which makes it a suitable canvas because of its characteristic busy straight veins splashed over the slabs, which are darker and much more distinctive than individuals of Statuario Bianco. The sunshine and dark contrast is unique and makes this specific marble well suited for projects inside a well-lit room, e.g., a countertop inside a kitchen with a lot of sunlight or perhaps a statement piece inside a vibrant bathroom.


Statuario Venato marble slab

Regarding Statuario Bianco, there are some things to be considered when figuring out the cost of person slabs. Included in this are the white-colored background color, the possible lack of natural imperfections, and the quantity of veining. The whiter and cleaner the slab is and prominent of natural flaws, and also the more minor the veins, the greater the cost goes. Taking these four elements into account, along with their rarity and general exquisite quality, Statuario Bianco slab prices generally run incredibly high compared with other marble varieties. So the cost for any slab can differ between €650 – €1900 per square meter.


Statuario Extra

Instead, the Statuario Venato quality is usually less expensive than its prized brother or sister, and you will probably find slabs varying between €450 – €950 per square meter.  These slabs still hold with still a crisp white-colored background color with significantly less natural imperfections than Calacatta, for instance. However, the veining patterns tend to be busier and likened to most of the Calacatta varieties, so the slabs tend to be more affordable than Statuario Bianco.

Primary variations between Statuario Bianco and Calacatta marble

It may be with confidence stated that together, Statuario Bianco and Calacatta represent the very best bracket on most searched for after and most excellent quality luxury marble on the planet, both types are highly costly with Statuario taking top place when it comes to cost. However, whenever we get lower into it, the finish decision which marble you decide to go with (if you’re able to think it is readily available) usually comes lower to dependent on taste and which particular slab most closely fits your specific project, e.g., kitchen, reception countertop or statement bathroom.

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Bianco statuario

While Calacatta and Statuario Bianco slabs can generally be located towards the exact dimensions and the same pure, crisp white-colored background, several significant variations together can produce a big distinction backward, and forward varieties in this are vein color and patterning and natural imperfections.

Calacatta borghini marble slab extra quality

Calacatta typically is available with an array of vein hues, including light to dark gray and blue, along with the classic brass or gold tones that many Calacatta marble varieties are renowned for. This will be significant considering that Statuario is much more monochromatic, so you’ll generally only find slabs that have light to dark gray veining with limited color variation and too tiny gold veins. Another significant distinction may be the pattern from the veins over the slabs Calacatta typically has a pretty busy veining that’s furiously splashed over the clean white-colored slabs. In contrast, Statuario Bianco ideally has a limited quantity of significant gray “bastoni” or branches, crossing a vibrant white-colored slab that provides its appearance, departing the rest of the slab essentially free from veins. Although this is not necessarily the situation, you will probably pay a reasonably small cost if you encounter a slab that suits this description.

The final significant difference between backward and forward is natural imperfections. While Calacatta marble is usually hailed among the most esteemed marble types on the planet, it will frequently include the odd natural tear, open vein, or periodic natural yellow marking or stain within its composition. Fortunately, modern measures have established yourself to make sure these natural imperfections pose no threat to the integrity of the slabs. Nowadays, Calacatta blocks are resin-treated. After which reduce slabs, each slab will be individually given polish again along with the internet is positioned at the end side from the slab to maintain its composition permanently. Some Calacatta slabs may have natural imperfections, Statuario Bianco is a more robust little marble, so it doesn’t include the periodic tear or open vein. However, because of the rarity and cost of every slab, all Statuario blocks and slabs continue to be resin and internet-treated for additional safety and assurance both towards the supplier and the lucky buyer.


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