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Cell Phone Accessories – What’s Cool and What’s Not?

Have you got a new phone and looking for cool cell phone accessories? These days no one is there who has no cell phone. The cell phone is very important for each age group it may be school or college students and professionals. By using cell phone accessories these smartphones become actually smart and make life easy by completing our daily life tasks. Every year cell phones come with great hardware, operating system and configured with advanced features. To enhance the capability of functions of this cell phone we need cell phone accessories. Almost many accessories are compatible with all smartphones and some are compatible only with a particular model. Sometimes few companies give a package of accessories while you purchasing Smartphone from there.

Why do we need cell phone accessories?

Many people asked, is really a need for these accessories? The answer is simple if you want to save your time, enhance your Smartphone’s capability and make your life easier as well then you have to it. The smartphone is like a platform that can be excel your gadget working capability using awesome accessories. In this post, we discussed some of the best and most useful cell phone accessories.

Top cool and latest cell phone accessories that you want to buy:

  1. Portable Chargers or power bank: This cell phone accessory almost everyone wants to buy these days as we use our phones all day for many digital activities. It no matters what battery capacity you have but to complete whole the task you need this device.
  2. In Charge 6: It is a keychain power bank that is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. If you have this gadget then there is no need to carry any kind of additional cable.
  3. Car Mounts: This accessory is used for navigating around in your car. Mostly it is used by car drivers who travel from one destination to another all day but if you want easy readability and access to your phone during drive this gadget is really good. It looks like a mobile phone stand.
  4. Pivo Pod: You have always thought that how videographers capture mind-blowing time-lapse videos that you see on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, and WhatsApp. This gadget is used for photography and videography applications.
  5. Selfie Sticks: These days everybody is active in social media it may be a student, professional, and businessman for entertainment or growing business. If your alone and want to talk some Selfie you are not able to click the full pic but if you use this Selfie stick you can take a number of pics whenever you want. There are numerous Selfie sticks available in the market you can select according to your requirement.
  6. Camera Lens Attachments: Mostly all cell phones come with great cameras and you can take decent pictures but if you want more quality then you need a camera lens attachment that offers wide-angle. They are compatible with both android and iOS gadgets.
  7. Gimbals: When you want to do vlogging, shoot some professional-grade videos with your smartphone. This gadget offers you to take stable video on a cell phone.
  8. VR Headset: It is a cool pad of VR headset which is affordable and enhances the world of virtual reality. Moreover, technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) have also excelled in the growth of the global gaming accessories market.
  9. Zoom lens: This accessory provides 8X zoom for a Smartphone camera. It also gives a cool lomo effect at an affordable price. This gadget will give you the great picture quality as everybody wants today.
  10. A smart home assistant: It uses to control smart home devices and enjoy entertainment by using Google home mini smart home assistant.
  11. Foldable Mobile phone stand: It is designed for more comfort for your tablet or Smartphone. You will get to enjoy wonderful while working on your device. You can adjust the best angle of the Mobile phone stand as per your need. It is really helpful to students during online classes and studying via videos of professional business meetings. These gadgets help us to work or read the technology blog, tutorials, and watching videos for a long duration.
  12. A portable photo printer: It is truly helpful for quick and easy to print photos directly from your phone gallery as you like to share them with your friends. We can carry it in our bags and complete our tasks wherever we want to do it.
  13. Adonit Snap 2 Stylus for Smartphones: It is a really helpful tool for those people who are active on social media for storytelling on Snapchat and Instagram. This cool gadget is especially perfect for iPhone users. Snap 2 offers an effective pointy stylus with a Bluetooth camera shutter remote to a creative tool.

There are some useless cell phone accessories:

Some cell phone accessories make sense for their existence according to their usage but some are useless. Their functions didn’t look like a good pair with smartphones so they called stupid phone accessories. Make sure before planning to spend your money on these accessories you should think about it. Is it is worth spending money on these kinds of useless accessories?

  1. Backward Brush Phone Case
  2. Idiotic Phone Headband
  3. Pointless Leather Phone Thong
  4. Rude TV Hat
  5. Outdated Fidget Spinner Phone Case
  6. Stupid Phone Glove
  7. Dangerous Cigarette Lighter Phone Case
  8. Silly Roomba for Your Phone Screen
  9. Annoying Bullhorn
  10. Blocky Throwback Case
  11. Alarming Stun Gun Case
  12. Irritating Dog Selfie Attachment
  13. Dumbfounding Thermal Imager
  14. Nightmarish Ear Phone Case

Final words

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