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Can you put Clip in Hair Streaks in Colored Hair?

Reluctant to try long-term color streaks on your colored hair? Most women enjoy mixing up colors to achieve a new look, but you are afraid of permanent recoloring of your hair for many reasons. Permanent hair streaks are expensive, require a lot of time, need time to time maintenance, and quickly fade within a week. If you are looking for hair streaks that do not require all of these above mentioned, hair streaks clip in is a great solution! You can now put a clip in hair streaks in your colored hair and achieve a punk look. 

Clips in Hair Streaks

Add instant color to your hair with colored clips in hair streaks. It does not require long-term commitment and maintenance. Clip-in colored hair streaks are an excellent choice if you look for some fast and easy clip-in highlights on your colored hair. They are comfortable to wear and blend well with your natural hair. You can easily remove and reuse them when needed. Achieve a Stunning and stylish look with these clips in hair streaks on your colored hair. 

Benefits of Wearing Clip in Hair Streaks

Wearing clip in hair streaks is much better than applying all those chemicals on your already colored hair. Here are some of the advantages of clip in hair streaks. 

Clip-in hair streaks are comfortable to wear

You don’t need to spend hours and hours at a hair salon to fix your clip-in hair streaks. These hair streaks are comfortable to wear, and you can try them at your home. Apply these simple steps on how to wear your clip in hair streaks:

  • Firstly, lay your clip in hair streaks on a flat surface.
  • Brush your hair thoroughly.
  • Part your hair according to the look you are thinking of.
  • Unclip all of your clips in hair streaks.
  • Clip-in your hair streaks where you want them to be placed.
  •  Look superb in your mixed colored hair and colored clip in hair streaks. 

 Enjoy Damage-Free Hair

Your hair already went through some chemicals while applying your favorite color, and I don’t think you would go through those chemicals again. Too many chemicals on your hair can damage hair and make them dry quickly. Clip-in hair streaks do not possess any chemicals, and you can directly clip them in your hair without causing any damage. 

Enjoy Voluminous Hair

Wearing clips in hair streaks automatically adds extra volume to your natural hair where you won’t get it if you apply color on your hair instead. You can achieve a stylish look and, at the same time, rock with your voluminous hair. Walkout looking gorgeous with these clips in hair streaks

Long-Lasting Color

Unlike your colored hair, these clip-in hair streaks do not fade. They stay bright and beautiful even after several uses. Leave all your worries and grab your desired colored clip in hair streaks. Enjoy long-lasting color from these clips in hair streaks

 Hair Care Tips for your Clips in Hair Streaks

As much as you love your clip in hair streaks, it is essential to take care of them. The more you take good care of them, the more you can wear them for a more extended period. Here are some hair care tips for your clip in hair streaks:

Wash with Care

Washing your hair streaks clip in after several uses are essential. Make sure you wash them in lukewarm water. Gently apply mild shampoo and conditioner while washing them. Place them on a flat surface when you are done washing them. 

Dry your Clip in Hair Streaks

Never blow dry your clip in hair streaks; instead, leave them on a flat surface, and air dries them. Blow drying your hair streaks clip-in will only damage them. 

 Brush Gently

After you have clipped all your clips in hair streaks on your hair, make sure to brush them gently together with your natural hair. You can also brush them before using or after the use to get rid of tangles. Hard brushing your hair streaks clip-in can lead to damage. 

 Store Them in a Safe Place

It is vital to keep your clip in hair streaks in a safe place, away from heat, cold, and even from kids. Store them in a cool place when you are not using them. This way, you can use them for a longer duration.   


Rather than re-applying colors to your colored hair, try these clips in colored hair streaks that are easy to wear and do not damage your hair. Too many chemicals on your hair can make your hair dry and more vulnerable to damage, but wearing clip-in hair streaks is a safe and most comfortable method to achieve stylish hair. Look super chic and stunning with your colored hair and a combination of clips in hair streaks.  


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