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Bhrigu Lake Trek: A Complete Guide

Bhrigu Lake Trek Overview

Bhrigu lake is also called Bhrigu lake which is pinned at a height of nearly 4300 meters in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. We can glance over Rohtang Pass which is 6 km away from Gulaba village. We can arrive at this lake by trekking from the Vashisht temple which is well known for the hot water springs. Vashisht temple is pinned close to the Manali. Bhrigu lake is a high altitude lake and snow-melted glacier lake. The history of Bhrigu Lake says that a great saint named Rishi Bhrigu used to meditate beside the lake. Hence this lake bagged sacredness along with the great saint.

Some interesting facts about Bhrigu Lake trek

The overall Bhrigu Lake Trek is overwhelmed in the distance of 26 kilometers and the total altitude of the Bhrigu Lake Trek is 14,100 feet. You can ascend the steep over the complete trail of the Bhrigu Lake Trek. The level of difficulty of the Bhrigu Lake trek is easy to moderate and the time you need to spend on the trekking for the entire mountain is 4 days from day 1 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM day 4.


How to reach Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake Trek is also bagging another name as the prettiest grassland trek. To reach Bhrigu Lake Trek we have to start from Gulaba which is pinned 24 km away from Manali. Manali is well connected with Delhi and Chandigarh airports. From there you can book a bus, especially recommending Volvo buses as they are reliable. No delays are expected. From there we can hire cabs or taxis to reach Bhrigu Lake Trek. Here we need to share the taxi with other tourists otherwise we can hire a special cab which is worth 2000/- or commonly 1000 INR.


Things to carry for Bhrigu Lake

Things to carry while heading to the beautiful Bhrigu Lake Trek are:

  • Carrying warm clothes for trekking.
  • Bring caps, toilet papers, and wipers during trekking.
  • 50-60 liters backup is best suggestable.
  • Carry extra pair of socks and thermal inner.
  • Mittens and scarfs availability is needed.
  • Electricity may be not available at all locations so, take care of fully charged devices.
  • Dry snacks/ foods save your money at the Bhrigu Lake Trek.
  • Carrying low-weight luggage would be a hassle then.
  • Carry sufficient cash as you may confront the unavailability of ATMs at the trek spot. Manali is the final place of having ATMs there.
  • Children under 2 years old are not recommended here.
  • Have perfect suitable trekking shoes during trekking.
  • Carry your original photo identity of government photocopy such as aadhar card, passport, and driver’s license.
  • Your identification needs to be submitted to the forest department. Without them, you are not allowed to trek.


Best time to do the Bhrigu Lake trek

Bhrigu lake trek is a high-altitude trek that takes 4 months to trek out of the entire mountain. The best time to visit the Bhrigu Lake Trek is from June to September, which can be extended up to October too. In the early season, the lake may be frozen. According to history, the lake won’t be completely frozen. At the end of the season, you can glance over lush meadows which attract and add more Beauty to them. All the snow has disappeared. 

Deep blue colour sky with lush green grassy land and blooming flowers overwhelmed around the surface of the trek. It is one of the best sights to behold.


Level of difficulty

The Bhrigu Lake Trek difficulty level is measured at an easy to difficult level. We can reach Manali at an altitude of 6,725 ft. From there we reach the Bhrigu Lake Trek at an altitude level of 14,009 ft in exactly four days. The difficulty level of Bhrigu Lake Trek is considered on the following factors like altitude, trekking length covered in one day, nature of the mountain and weather conditions, etc. You can look at the ascent of the trail which is steady to the lake. The Bhrigu Lake Trek is best suited to beginner climbers. To trek out the Bhrigu Lake Trek you need to cover 5 km in 37 minutes freely.


Reasons to do the Bhrigu Lake trek

  • Bhrigu Lake Trek needs only a short duration of trekking which is 4 days.
  • It has a staggering altitude of 14,000.
  • The short distance to the base camp, which is Gulaba village, is a two hours drive from Manali.
  • The difficulty level is easy to moderate difficulty, so you freely trek over the Bhrigu Lake Trek.
  • The trek is not so far from civilization.
  • During monsoon, it blushes out the lush green meadows on it.
  • It is a high-altitude trek that shows the beauty of the lake from high.
  • It offers the best fitness level to the trekkers.
  • It also offers a trek to glance at Himalayan meadows.
  • A perfect Trek lake for everyone.


Places to visit during the Bhrigu Lake trek

There are many places to visit while heading to the Bhrigu Lake Trek.

Solang Valley is well known for adventurous sports. Rohtang Pass which stretches from the Himalayan ranges provides dreamy sceneries and dessert-like glances. Old Manali which nestled the old world charming in it. Jogini waterfall is confronted while moving to the trek. Paragliding in Manali takes us to the snow-capped mountains and boosts the enthusiasm to trek over the Hill stations. Hadimba temple, a peaceful place covered with deodar trees. Vashisht Baths provide the hot water springs. People believe that water has medicinal properties.


About the locals

The locals around the Bhrigu Lake Trek region are very friendly and cooperative. You will be welcomed with open arms at the local accommodation places and guest houses. You can come with your family and enjoy a tension-free hike. The local area is relatively safe, with a very low crime rate to boast about. As the trek is close to civilization we don’t have any problem to confront.


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