You are currently viewing Apple iPad Pro review: It has a new screen, 5G, and an M1 processor, but it is still not a Mac.

Apple iPad Pro review: It has a new screen, 5G, and an M1 processor, but it is still not a Mac.

Apple M1-powered iPad is a powerhouse. But it also requires software agility.

Apple iPad Pro review

I’ve been surviving off work-from-home equipment for over a year and haven’t seen anyone. Apple has evolved a lot in the last year, just like I have: In Macs, the business has switched to a whole new line of custom-made M1 processors, which have significantly increased speed and battery life. These processors, as well as 5G, have now arrived in the new iPad Pro. Is the iPad Pro about to become a supercomputer?

Apple Ipad Pro Review 2021

Is it just a fancier version of the 2020 iPad Pro that I tested at the start of my still-ongoing WFH career?

Yes, it’s a significant upgrade in terms of hardware.

The iPad features a new CPU and a new display for the 12.9-inch model, a tiny LED that, in my experience, appears as good as OLED in regular usage. It also has a few additional features, such as a front-facing camera that tracks me during Zooms. Not to mention 5G. The hardware appears to be near-perfect. The iPad, however, continues to run the same OS and, for the most part, the same apps as previous iPads.

Apple Ipad Pro 12.9 4th Generation

For the past week, I’ve been using the new iPad Pro in both 11- and 12.9-inch versions.

Here’s what’s impressed me thus far, as well as some advice on whether you should upgrade. I’ll save you time and say that, at $800 and up for the tablet (and really, mid-$1,500 or more if you add accessories and storage you might want), the Pro is a luxury gadget that most people don’t need when compared to their phone or laptop — or even a cheaper iPad you might use instead.

Apple 12.9 Ipad Pro Review

This machine might be incredible if Apple updates its iPadOS to offer additional capabilities, greater multitasking and monitor support, more Pro applications, and even a Mac compatibility mode using the M1 processor it now shares with all those new Macs. It’s still an excellent luxury tablet in its current
state, but it begs for extra software to take it to the next level.



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