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AP.Setup-Brostrend Extender Setup-New Extender Setup

How to Set Up a Bros Trend AC750 Extender:

The Bros Trend AC750 Extender can be set up in a variety of ways. However, using a web browser or URL to set up an extender is recommended. An extender can be set up using the URL or the IP address

  1. To begin, connect your extender to the power source and wait for the solid blue power light to illuminate.
  2. In the address box of your browser, put or
  3. It will now take you to the screen where you may create a login password. For future login purposes, you can create a log in the password here.
  4. Choose the wifi you’d like to extend from the drop-down menu.
  5. It will now prompt you to input your wireless password. Click Next or Extend after entering the password.
  6. Applying the settings and waiting for two solid blue lights will take around a minute.
  7. Finally, unplug your extension and connect it to your router through the dead zone.

BrosTrend AC750 Extender Setup via WPS

  1. To begin, connect your Brostrend Extender Setup AC750 Extender to a power outlet near your router.
  2. Now, hold your breath until you see a solid blue light on the power switch.
  3. On your extender, press the WPS button.
  4. The WPS light on the extension will now begin to blink. The connection between the router and the extension will take a few seconds to establish.
  5. Once you have a firm Blue or Red light on the signal, you are ready to go. It indicates that your extender is operational.
  6. Finally, unplug the extender and re-plug it at the desired spot.
  7. The Signal LED allows users to check the extender’s signal strength. If the signal LED is RED in colour, the extender’s signal strength is weaker. The extension has a stronger signal if the signal LED is BLUE in colour. If your signal has a RED LED on it, relocate your extension closer to the router.

As An Access Point, Bros Trend AC750

Other Wi-Fi devices can connect to a wired connection or network through the Access Point. The extender will connect to the router via a wired connection, but the user will be able to connect to his Wi-Fi devices.

  1. Wait for the solid BLUE power light to appear after plugging your extension into the power outlet.
  2. Use an ethernet cable to connect your extender to your router
  3. In the address box of your web browser, put or Select the Access Point mode from the drop-down menu.
  4. Finally, configure the SSID (Network Name) and Password to your liking and begin utilising them.

Setup for BrosTrend AC1200 Extender

BrosTrend AC1200 Setup is a simple process that may be completed using either or WPS. The Bros Trend AC1200 transforms your WIFI dead zones into fun zones.

This extender can be used to increase the range of a network in a house or workplace. There are three lights on the Brostrend AC1200 extension.

LED Indication:- High-Intensity LED Light

  • Extender is in its first condition. Solid Blue Power Light: Extender is in its original state.
  • Extender is turning on with a solid red or amber power light.
  • Blinking Red Power Light: If you continually getting a blinking Red light on power, it’s a sign that something is wrong. It’s a sign that your extender isn’t working properly.
  • LED Light from WPS
  • The WPS light will not always be on. After configuring, it turns off. Typically, the user is given simply two LED lights: Power and Signal. As long as the user has access to electricity and the signal extender is operational.
  • When the WPS button on the Bros Trend AC750 Extender is pressed, a WPS LED illuminates. When you press the WPS button on it, it begins to blink blue. It blinks for a few seconds before becoming solid Blue.
  • LED Light for Signaling
  • Extender is functional and has a good connection if the signal light is solid blue.
  • When the user sees Red light on the signal, he usually assumes his extension isn’t working. If the signal light on your extension is red, move it closer to the router, and the signal light will turn solid blue.

WPS button setup for BrosTrend AC1200

BrosTrend AC1200 is a simple-to-use and set-up extender that can help you increase the range of your wireless network. Connecting this extender using WPS is an easy process that may be completed within 5 minutes.


The steps for setting up an AC1200 extender utilising WPS or WIFI Protected Setup are as follows.

  1. To begin, connect your extender to a power outlet and wait for the solid blue power light to illuminate.
  2. When you press the WPS button on your extender, a light on the extender will begin to blink.
  3. After roughly two minutes, your extender should be linked to the router.
  4. The final and most crucial step is to position the extender in an area where your devices and router can readily access it. used to set up a BrosTrend AC1200 extension.

Make sure you have an active internet connection before utilising to set up a BrosTrend AC1200 extender. Make sure you have an active internet connection on the device you’ll be using for the setup.


For the Web Browser or setup, follow the steps below:

  1. Wait for the solid blue light on the power to turn on after plugging your extension near your router.
  2. Now, on a computer or smartphone, open a web browser.
  3. In your web browser, type or
  4. Your browser will display a screen where you can establish a log-in password.
  5. After you’ve created a password, click the next button.
  6. Now, from the list of accessible WIFI, select your wireless router.
  7. Enter the network security key for your wireless router.
  8. It will take roughly 2 minutes before displaying a notification indicating that the extension was successful.


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