5 reasons Aesthetics Pro EHR is ideal for your practice in 2021

5 reasons Aesthetics Pro EHR is ideal for your practice in 2021

Aesthetics Pro EHR

Aesthetics Pro Online was created in 2002 as a medical spa management system. Aesthetics pro EHR provides a versatile and safe forum for medical aesthetic businesses to organize all electronic medical records. The aim of AestheticsPro Online is to offer users a complete medical spa solution.


Aesthetics Pro EHR Software is a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based medical spa management solution with features that include all aspects of your practice. Users can monitor leads and run targeted email campaigns for consumer acquisition using the product’s marketing management feature.


The software has excellent features to offer to its customers. We are going to list down 5 reasons why we think Aesthetics Pro Online will be perfect for your practice. So without further delay, let’s jump straight into that!

5 Reasons to Invest in Aesthetics Pro EHR

There are multiple reasons why users absolutely adore this software. We think the features it offers are exceptional and very suitable for users in 2021. The top 5 reasons, according to us, of why you should consider Aesthetics Pro EMR Software are as follows:


Client Management

Aesthetics Pro makes it easy to treat your clients all in one place. Within a single client profile, you can access E-Records, charting, notes, before and after photographs, payment history invoices, unpaid balances, and remaining services. AestheticsPro’s overall Client Relationship Management (CRM) features


There are several benefits of this particular feature. The feature uses client data that is available and with the help of that, it improves client relationships. It helps in keeping the management efficiency. Moreover, it also allows you to share your knowledge with your team members. 


Service Management and Appointment Scheduling

To make scheduling easier Aesthetics Pro EHR allows you to, digitally sync the programs, rooms, and equipment with one another along with allowing you to make and handle employee schedules. Payroll is run, edited, and authorized with the help of this software. You can track employee hours, commissions for both services and goods sold, and even tips with their integrated time clock and personalized digital time cards.


With the help of Aesthetics pro-EHR, you can increase your workflow efficiency and also improve your revenue by simply organizing staff and equipment. This feature helps avoid uncovered shifts and staffing shortages as it plans ahead of time. You can easily manage your staff remotely with this feature. 



Aesthetics Pro E-Records Management improves the client intake experience while streamlining the practice and workflow. It’s fast, secure, and HIPAA-compliant in the cloud. With powerful tools at your fingertips, you can build your own interactive forms from the ground up, tailored to your specific business requirements. They also have a library of ready-to-use forms. 


Patient Charting

This software’s patient charting function makes it simple to keep track of patient records. This feature helps you to choose the template that is most appropriate for you and your requirements. This makes entering patient data into your charts a lot simpler.


Overall, this feature helps you to save time by reducing the time it would take you to enter patient data, allowing you to be more effective overall! The patient charting feature allows you to keep detailed notes on your patients, which is extremely useful when diagnosing and treating them!


Marketing Solutions

The marketing feature is another great feature in Aesthetics Pro Online EHR applications that you won’t find anywhere else. You can easily build email blasts and emailing lists to sell directly using the software. We think it’s one of the biggest reasons why this software is an ideal solution for 2021. 


Sending notes to patients and prospective patients about what you can do for them encourages them to make appointments with you and improves the chances of success. Overall, having an integrated marketing feature in your software puts you ahead of the competition.


There are other outstanding features that Aesthetics Pro is offering. To know what those features are, visit Software Finder. 

Final Thoughts!

If you’re still undecided on whether or not Aesthetics Pro EHR software is right for you, we will help you make a final decision. The first step is to read as many Aesthetics Pro Online EHR product reviews as you can find online, as current users are the only ones who can give you the most accurate information about software. We also suggest contacting the provider and requesting a demo of the Aesthetics Pro EMR Software.


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