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5 Mistakes to avoid while Getting Custom Feather Flags Printed

Outdoor feather flags can actually level up the marketing game for you. The fun and colorful flags are used for product or showroom launches, events, exhibitions, and more. You can get them printed in bulk from any reputed printing company. Just make sure that they look eye-catching so that they are attractive to the people out there.

And here are some mistakes that you need to avoid while ordering custom feather flags. If you have no clue about the same, please read on.

One of the first things that you should avoid doing is choosing a poor design. Make sure that you settle for an inviting design. Some designs might not look good on flags. The design on the custom advertisement flags must be visible from far.

So choosing a random design just because it looks good on the computer doesn’t make sense. Make sure you talk to the creative head of the printing company, take his/her inputs, and then only, finalize your decision. The flags should do their job! If the message doesn’t come across to people, there is no point.

The font should be apt too, which can communicate with the onlookers. Pay attention to the readability of the feather flags.

  • Choosing a random printing company

You should only go for good brands that provide long-lasting flag kits. The ink shouldn’t bleed and the flags should be able to withstand the weather conditions easily.  Go through the company’s products, reviews and ratings before concluding. You can, of course, check on Google with the right keywords and then only, zero down on one company. Do not hire just any company out there. The chosen company must only give you the best products.

  • Spelling or grammar mistakes

Now, this is a big-time blunder! And trust me, somehow it is quite common as well.  You cannot let it spoil your brand image. Imagine you are the onlooker and you see a spelling mistake on advertising flags – such a turnoff, right? It goes a long way when you create a first good impression.

You cannot let a silly mistake lead to doubt in the customer’s mind!

Get it proofread by an expert or else, take the help of the internet. If you want to do it for negative publicity, then also, I wouldn’t suggest the same. It is very important to create an amazing brand impression.

Make sure that they fetch great ROI. Pay heed to every single little detail. The best part is that they are durable and can be used many times.

  • Messy

No, this is a strict no-no from my side. Look for flags with short and crisp content. Not too many colors, not too many texts. It is again a blunder to avoid. You cannot expect them to grab all the information at a fleeting glance, right? What’s the point in cramming up?

  • Not including CTA

You must include the contact information or CTA in the flag. You have to let them know about the event date and time. Otherwise, it is useless. Keep this pointer in mind as well.

You should also choose the right fabric and size of the flags while ordering. Otherwise, you can’t really expect excellent ROI.

So these are some of the mistakes to need to avoid. Hire a reliable printing company so that you can get premium quality printing without making any compromises. Make sure they have more than 4.5 average ratings online.


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