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5 actionable tips to boost conversion rate of your ecommerce site

Starting your ecommerce website is one of the best ways to start your journey to a decent online income. However, this journey isn’t easy. There are a number of other players in the ecommerce space and attracting shoppers can be a tough task. It is even more difficult to convert visitors into buyers. However, by implementing some clever, well-strategized techniques you can streamline the things and gradually increase the conversion rate. Here are a few strategies:




Make your site responsive


Nearly half of online shopping is done through mobile devices and with time more shoppers are switching to mobile shopping. So, offering an optimized, comfortable shopping experience to mobile users is another strong strategy to increase your sales potential. 


Now one thing to keep in mind is to understand the difference between shopping and buying. Shopping is more about exploring that may or may not lead to real conversions while the meaning of sales is self-explanatory- you end up selling the items and increase revenue. In this context, one fact to consider is that the overall conversion rate of mobile shopping is quite lower when compared to the total number of shopping sessions/visitors. One of the most important reasons behind the lower conversion rate is the lack of a smooth mobile shopping process. This is one of the major areas where top online marketplaces excel over their local peers. For instance, the sites like Amazon and Flipkart have heavily optimized their platform for zero friction mobile shopping and a smooth checkout process. 


Start by making your site mobile responsive to encourage shoppers to purchase your products. At the same time, you also need to optimize other marketing elements like opt-in forms, pop-ups, images, and other media files.




Employ smart plugins to automate your SEO strategy


Visibility is the prime factor that plays a decisive role in marketing your eCommerce store. For that, you need to concentrate on sustainable SEO methods to increase organic traffic. When done ethically, the white hat SEO strategies help you attract and build organic traffic with higher conversion potential. If you are running a WordPress site you can also opt for SEO plugins. These plugins make your SEO strategy much easier by automating complicated tasks. 


Start by using the keyword research plugins to understand the best keywords for your eCommerce niche based on current trends, keyword competitiveness, and available opportunities. 


 Once you have built a list of competitive keywords, start working on the right strategies to include them in your website. For that purpose, you can use the Yoast plug-in. All you have to do is to mention the keywords and Yoast will show you a detailed analysis of how well-optimized your site is. Easy to understand stats, clear points about areas of improvement and relevant recommendations make Yoast a great tool for beginners. However, if you are looking for more advanced tools and better control over your SEO profile then it is best to go for SEMRush- one of the most trusted and comprehensive tools for all-inclusive SEO. A healthy SEO profile plays a great role in Conversion Rate Optimization 


Use intent based pop ups to reduce cart abandonment


Cart abandonment is very common among online marketplaces. It refers to the instance when a customer adds some items to the cart but leaves it without completing the order. There can be various reasons behind the same. Understanding the exact reason can be difficult but that will help you better optimize the overall experience to increase the conversion rate and lower the barriers.  




You can create pop-ups to encourage and prompt visitors to clearly state the reasons behind cart abandonment. It will enable you to identify the major reasons and work on the same to increase conversion potential. In that way, you would be able to give a better direction to your site optimization strategies.




The advanced popup forms smartly identify the customers’ intent-based on their site activity and mouse movements. Based on the same it shows the relevant pop-up. Along with understanding the reason behind visitors’ exit you can also use such a popup to positively influence their decision by offering discounts and deals which may result in changing their decision.


Strategically designed landing pages

The First impression plays a key role in attracting the visitors and influencing their decision. You can optimize this in your favor by creating a smart landing page. A well-optimized landing page can go a long way in increasing your sales potential. An ideal landing page should showcase only the bestseller products and highlight the unbeatable offers. 


Highlighting your brand credibility and price affordability are two key objectives of your landing page. Best selling products communicate the proven track record of your store while building strong credibility. Once you have familiarized the visitors with your brand the next thing is to help them cross the price barriers. Showcasing discount offers and deals on your landing page is the best way to achieve it. 

Use social selling techniques to achieve an organic growth


Social media shopping is getting quite common these days. At one time social media was exclusively used to create brand visibility. Later it was also used for advertising your products through options like Facebook ads. However, in the most recent times businesses have also been using social media to directly sell their products. Platforms like Instagram even have shoppable posts to help visitors directly buy from your store. 


Create quality backlinks

One of the best ways to boost conversion potential is to increase your site’s reach to relevant audiences. While building traffic is good you also need to focus on the relevance. By attracting relevant audiences you can gain traffic that has better conversion potential. A strong way to achieve this is to publish quality material on niche related websites with high authority. You can also consider publishing on relevant blog network for better outcome.




With the ever increasing number of players in the ecommerce industry it has become more difficult than ever to increase your conversion potential. While advertising does play a good role in enhancing sales and visibility, you need more solid methods to achieve sustainable results. In this post we mentioned some of the best ways to organically increase your reach, visibility and sales opportunities while maximizing RoI of your efforts.



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