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4 Ways Yoga Shows Up in Each Season of Life

Yoga shows up in all the aspects of your life, including in all of the seasons of your life as well. Here you can take the meaning of a season of life as a cycle of life. Think that your life only consists of a single year, or a single lifespan, and in that lifespan, you will have winter, summer, spring, and fall. All of these seasons will come and go. Yoga is connected to your life, as it helps you get the most out of each season. 

Yoga helps you turn your winter sadness into the wait for a joyous summer. It also helps you turn your barren lands in spring into full of hope and you can reap the results of this crop during the fall. So, yoga helps you in the transitioning of each of these cycles. Below are further details about yoga and life seasons.  

Winter is usually considered a time of sadness and loneliness. It is the time where everyone feels depressed and alone. You cannot do anything fun or important because, in most parts of the world, you have to stay indoors and wait for the snow, rains, and other winter-related events to stop. Once they stop, you go out, clear the ice and start a new day of your life. In this season of your life, yoga can help give you hope and help you stay busy while you are forced to stay at home. 

Your yoga practice can help you connect with your soul. You will have more time to practice yoga and this will provide you better results the next morning. If you practice yoga during the winter, it is a great habit. Because winter is also said to be the time to take a step back, sharpen your tools and come back again to do better this time. This is what winter and yoga are about, sharpening the skillset, your mindset, your personality. 

  • Spring and Yoga:

Spring is known as the season of hope, love, and starting over. Spring is the time when you start trying again to build another life for yourself. Think of this as a time, when you were knocked out by some events in your life, but you got another chance to start again and try to succeed. This is the spirit of the spring season, and it is also the spirit of yoga

Try again, rebuild, and spread love. Hence, you can clearly see the involvement of yoga in the spring season. But this does not end here, it also represents that time in your life metaphorically, where you need to rebuild yourself. Rebuilding and starting over is only possible when you let go of the past. Yoga helps you overcome what is in the past and start over with your new life. 

  • Summer and Yoga:

Summer, the season of enjoyment, warmth, growth, need for protection, and a lot of distractions around. This is the time of the year that most people spend enjoying themselves. Summer also represents the youth in your life as well. So, if we speak metaphorically, summer is the time when you are at your full potential and bloom, you are capable of doing anything that you want and anything that you like. You can achieve a lot of great things, or you can end up doing nothing and just being submerged in your distractions. Summer is also the time that you give yourself to nourish and grow stronger. You should control your food habits, do proper yoga and handle your affairs properly so that you can save something for your winter days ahead. 

  • Fall and Yoga:

Fall is the time when leaves start to fall off of the trees. It is also the time to reap what you have planted. If we speak metaphorically, fall is the middle age in your life. A time when you need to own what you have done with your life. It is a time that tells you that you need to either be more focused on saving for your winter, or you will not survive the next winter. Yoga during the fall season of your life should help you refocus your attention towards your mistakes and how to rectify them. Practicing yoga at this time of the season is very important as it will help you build a long-lasting impression of your life. 


In the article above, we discussed 4 Ways Yoga shows up in each season of Life. These four ways are actually four seasons and each way helps you learn about one phase of your life. The first phase is childhood, the second is youth, the third one is middle age, and the fourth one is old age. 


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