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4 Essential Crazy Thick Hair Tips for This Summer

Living in darkness and having no idea how to get thick hair? 

Thick Hair Tips For Summer Season

Well, we should learn the natural rule that we can’t get anything until we make some effort and put in some time. You can make your dream come true by having long and thick hair with a daily hair care routine. 


Do you know why you have lost the texture and strength of your hair? The answer is that when you fail to provide essential nutrients to your hair, it results in damaged hair. It happens when you do not give time to your hair care and use products with highly concentrated solutions. 


My uncles had a hair transplant in Karachi, where the surgeon shared that our hair also needs daily routine care that we can fulfill even staying at home. When we eat an unhealthy diet, do not fulfill hair nourishment demands, and use excessive hair products, it ends up with hair fall. He advised some ingredients 


In this article, I have come up with some natural ingredients to get thick hair this summer.


Natural Ingredients to Stimulate Hair Growth


  • Use Onion Juice


It may sound weird to you, but onion juice can give your hair a new life. The combo of pain and gain is the key to getting healthy hair this summer. Studies say that onions have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that deal with scalp issues. Your hair will grow fast, and this solution also strengthens your hair. Sulphur is the main component of the hair protein keratin, and it has been proved to provide shiny hair, minimize the risk of hair fall, give nourishment, etc. 


  • Boost Hair Growth with Methi Seeds


Go into your kitchen and get some Methi seeds as they are the best source of proteins and nicotine acids. Such properties help to strengthen the hair and boost hair growth. You can notice that Methi seeds rebuild the hair follicles and moisturize your hair to prevent breakage. All you need is to soak the seeds overnight and make their paste the next morning to use its mask on your scalp. 


  • Use Eggs – Stimulates Hair Growth


Hair loss can leave you feeling blue but do you have eggs in your kitchen?

Well, eggs have many secret properties that are essential for hair nourishment and growth. Studies reveal that eggs contain minerals, proteins, and vitamin B-complex. When you use egg for your hair, it will reduce the hair fall and nourish your hairs. If you are facing a hair loss issue, you should consider eggs for your routine hair care. 


  • Get Hair Massage with Castor Oil


For ages, castor oil has been used to keep the beauty. Castor oils have incredible hair benefits that boost their growth with their omega fatty acids. Castor oil contains excellent moisturizers that are essential for hair health and keep them nourished. It provides intense hydration to your scalp and strengthens the roots as well. 


What else do you need to follow to avoid hair loss?


1 – Coverup Your Hairs


When you go outside, don’t forget to cover your hair, especially in peak hours 10 am to 3 pm. UV harmful radiations can take away the scalp moisturizer. 


2 – Try to Wash Less


People who go with frequent hair wash routines end up with a lack of natural oils. Natural dry shampoo can help you maintain hair moisturizer. Take a one day break for hair wash. 


3 – Avoid Heat Tool


In summer, there is already so much heat you and your hair may face. Avoid using too much blow dryer and straightener. 


4 – UV protection in summer


When you apply sunscreen on your face, run your hands through your hair as well. It will protect your hair from UV harmful radiations.


5 – Prefer Wide Teeth Brush


When your hair is wet, avoid pulling them. Go gentle with your hair and use a wide tooth brush. 


Final Thought

You need to consider a healthy diet plan for healthy hair growth. Experts believe that chemical products can damage your hair. You should use oil to massage your hair as it also stimulates blood circulation. 




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