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17 Ways to Upsell your Custom Printing Business

To tackle the ongoing competition in the printing market, you will need more conversions, but first, you have to focus on your existing customers. You can motivate them to gain more referrals while your company finds innovative ways to gain new customers. We know how difficult it has become for the printing industry to survive in the age of digitalization. Here, staying updated is the only way. Web to print storefront is the best investment you can make to digitize your printing business and survive this race. From customization to communication, everything is taken care of by it.

To evolve in the digital landscape, you need to be adaptive enough to overcome the decline.

17 Ways to Upsell your Custom Printing Business

Following are some ways you can implement to get more conversions for your printing business:

  • Keep it Simple

If you think that providing too many options will result in a more significant sale, then you might be wrong. It can be highly overwhelming to your customers and also push them away instead. You can maximize your target sale by sticking to a few recommendations. Try suggesting only relevant ones that apply to the customer instead of suggesting every stock and coating.

  • Know your Customer

Understanding your customer’s preferences and requirements is an essential key to upselling your print business successfully. Because if you continue recommending products that they don’t want or require will only decrease your chance of making a successful sale. So, maintain a record of their searched products and show them what they are interested in purchasing.

  • Use Vibrant Colors to Produce Eye-catching Signage

The use of vibrant colors with eye-catching designs can attract new customers as well as the existing ones. To deliver high-value output, you can target different sectors like restaurants, retailers, event planning companies, hotels, universities, and other organizations. Executing bold graphics or color on color printing with a portion of white ink under other inks intensifies the message’s visibility.

  • Offer Short-Run Printing

Numerous printing businesses get a lot of requests for smaller jobs, but they reject them on price. But to gain more customers and build a good business reputation, you need to offer short-run printing as well. The best way to win the job is to reduce your overhead cost and offer different paper types in smaller quantities to your customers.

  • Offer a Unique Paper Type

Everyone wants that their message should acquire all the attention. So, how about printing personalized messages on specialty paper? This will increase your market value and would stand as a point of attraction too. You can go for some of the versatile options like synthetic or waterproof paper, fold-and-go substrates, and carbonless laser paper for packaging and custom printing on boxes.

  • Offer Customization

Customization is a versatile way to enhance your customer’s experience. Giving them a blank canvas and a bunch of helpful editing features can attract traffic extensively. You only need to install the web to print software, and you are done. Yes, it will take care of all the editing and adjustments. It provides your customers with different fonts, colors, clip-arts, and whatnot to design their canvas the way they want to. They can select the paper quality too; you just need to print the provided document in the provided manner and deliver it.

  • Metallic Surface Printing to Attract Customer Bases

Using metallic inks and papers is a trending idea to attract more customers to your business. To enhance your ability to print metallic labels, you can include other applications like signage, gift boxes, booklets, corporate material, initiations, postcards, direct-mails, etc. This can boost your sales.

By using appropriate digital equipment, you can produce metallic reflective surfaces that prove to be more cost-effective than the traditional way of using metallic ink. Adding metallic capabilities can help you target a vast audience, including those who value specialty services like cosmetic and perfume manufacturers, etc.

  • Offer Business Cards of Different Sizes

Business cards are the highlight of any business. Thus giving your customers a wide variety of quality, materials, fonts, colors, and sizes is the best upgrade to make. And for your printing company too, instead of offering standard-sized business cards, you can opt for different sizes and shapes like squares or one with rounded corners business cards. This can mark a memorable first impression.

  • Get Prepared with Exhibition Stand

When the customers feel interested in your business, enable them to view your exhibition stand. What is an exhibition stand? It is a collection of a wide range of brochures, leaflets, postcards, and business cards. Stay prepared with it all the time so that visitors may take away valuable information with them.

  • Inspire Customers by Providing Extra Finish

Still, many printing business owners are unaware of the wide variety of print finishes and their availability in the market. You can add some new options to your business that probably will result in profitable conversions. You can promote your clients with the idea of providing extra finishing to their materials. As when more people pick their brochures, it will eventually improve the perceived value of their brand.

Matt, soft touch, and gloss lamination are the best of all time trending materials your customer should be made aware of. These materials will enhance their business cards and other printing material to stand out from others. And just a secret between you and me, you can charge more for such finishing materials from the customers.

  • Help. Don’t Just Sell.

Seek the chances to add value to the customer’s experience with you. Don’t just say – ‘buy premium cards because they look sleek.’ Instead, answer them: how is it better?

For example, if your customer is seeking business cards, you can show them the benefits of opting for premium cards. You can mention it in the description or show a banner that shows the difference and benefits between normal and premium cards. This will satisfy your customer with his choice of choosing premium cards eventually.

  • Don’t Be Pushy

Being too pushy with your marketing will only push your customers away. Because here is a fact: No one likes to feel pressured into making a purchase. So, making them uncomfortable will make them unlikely to return to you for business. You should always offer an upsell but should avoid overdoing it. Accept “No, thank you” too as a response if a customer declines.

  • Make the Upsell after the Original Purchase

One major mistake businesses make is that they surround customers with upsells before letting them complete their checkout.

And let me tell you that for the majority of customers, this is a pure sales turnoff. As we know, the prime reason that customers abandon shopping carts is due to added or increased prices. So, upselling before checkout is very risky.

As an alternative, you can upsell customers after they have made the purchase. And to make it even easier, don’t ask customers to input their payment information again while completing their second transaction.

  • Make it Exclusive

Have you ever been in an exclusive discount or offer situation? Where do they give you an in-the-moment discount or a one-time offer? We all know how it works wonders for the company because most of us end up buying that. This same technique works for your printing business too. Offering exclusive offers grabs your customer’s attention and encourages them to make an immediate decision. And then, we know how it ends. It makes your customer feel exclusive, and they are more likely to avail that offer.

  • Show Comparisons

The idea of showing a side-by-side comparison of the products will encourage the customer to see the difference between products, quality, and the benefits in the premium version vs. the normal one. These will upsell your premium services with no extra effort involved.

  • Be Informative

Educate customers and inform them of the value of the product you are upselling. For example: if you’re offering printing services like business card printing for an industry such as construction, provide reasons why durable business cards would be a good option for them, how it will benefit them, etc. Doing this can make the customer aware of the benefits and advantages and make them feel that they would miss an opportunity if they did not purchase it.

  • Try Bundling

Do you know that packaging products or services into bundles can encourage more sales? Yes, it delivers the impression on the customer that they are getting a better deal by purchasing a bundle rather than purchasing the same products separately. For instance, if you are printing for the wedding industry, then a bundle including products such as greeting cards, tent cards, and banners would be an ideal,

  • Follow-up

Following up with a customer is a trusted way to know if the purchase was successful. It gives you an exclusive insight into whether the customer liked the purchased product/services or not. And if you receive an adverse reaction, take it as a learning opportunity to analyze what worked and what didn’t work. This also helps you to make required changes in the upselling techniques. You can take a follow-up through the mail, direct website, your app, etc.

Wrapping Up

If you are scratching your head from where to start, installing web to print software is the answer. Implementing these steps will surely help you increase your customer base and enhance their experience with your products/services. After all, adding a touch of digitalization to your printing business is the best solution to attract more customers.

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