10 Tips to Increase Your Reviews from Customers

10 Tips to Increase Your Reviews from Customers

Customers’ reviews are important for small businesses to improve their products and services. These problems are often missed from the user perspective until the customers highlight them. On the other hand, positive reviews will convince the potential buyers to trust the brand with their money.

Businesses are forced to hire market researchers to get the opinion of the customers. The angry customer will find time to take out the frustration on the review section of different platforms. However, happy customers may not feel like sharing their experiences with others.

How To Get Reviews From Customers

It leaves the representatives responsible for convincing the users for a review. They will require a change in strategy if the feedback count is too low. Here are some tips for small businesses to convince their customers to place a review on different platforms.

  1. Provide Options

You need to provide customers with different platforms to put their reviews about the brand. It makes it easier for them to share their experience. They don’t have to learn about a new platform just to put 5 stars on your profile.

Social media and online marketplaces are essential for the brands to interact and get reviews from the customers. The majority of your audience uses these sites that increase the convenience of posting a review. Moreover, you should create a profile on Google Business and industry-specific sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor.

  1. Ask Directly with Some Creativity

It is okay to ask your customers for a review about the product, service, and experience. You should explain the importance of their review to your business. In many cases, it reminds the customer to put some effort as a reward for your services.

You can add some creativity in the process to increase the reviews on your profile. Add a sticker on the products with the QR code of the review page. Put some thoughts on the invoice mail content to get a review in the follow-up.

  1. Simplify the Process

Convenience is important for the customers to put some reviews on your site. They may close the window if it requires too many steps to submit the feedback successfully. Therefore, ask the web designer to make the process simple for the customers to post a review.
Surveys and reviews are two different content types. You should not ask too many questions or place the required fields on the feedback form. Just ask them to share the experience and post some pictures (if they want) on the page.

  1. Provide Some Incentives

An incentive can act as the motivation for the customers to spend a few minutes posting reviews. This may cause a sudden spike in the feedback section on different platforms. It is ideal for the new businesses to build trust in the audience.

You can offer them a discount on products or small gift items as an incentive. These incentives can also be used to get surveys from the customers. For the budget, you can ask for a small business loan from private money lenders in Ireland.

  1. Thank Them for Reviews

Do not forget to add a thank you in response to the reviews. It will reflect positively on your brand profile for the potential customers reading the reviews. They will feel the opinion is valued, and the interaction is more personalized.

Always start the response to a positive or negative review with the words “Thank You”. You may find it weird to say thanks knowing the criticism is from a fake account of competitors. Nevertheless, show politeness in response to display your positive attitude towards criticism.

  1. Explain the Importance of Reviews to Employees

The review count will not increase if the employees are not asking the customers. They may not find it an important aspect of organizational growth. On the contrary, they need to put some extra effort to ask for reviews, offer the right platform, and say thanks to them.

These reviews will affect their job and professional growth as well. A negative review about some interaction with the customers will damage the brand’s reputation. You have the authority to warn those employees or even show them the door.

For positive reviews, the employees should get appreciation and appraisal. Many businesses provide their employees incentive with every positive review about the interaction. Your focus on reviews will make them understand the importance of them for the business.

  1. Use Different Content Types

There are many content types to get reviews from customers on different platforms. Customers will find them more engaging than writing a long text about the experience. Also, it will increase your interactivity with the audience on your social media profiles.

These content types include surveys and questions on social media. It will take less than a second to interact with them. You can then share their response through stories or posts on the platform.

Their mention in the story will increase your brand presence as the customers can share it on their feed. Almost every social major social media platform provides the option of surveys to the users. You can also ask them for videos of unboxing with their reaction to the first interaction with the product.

  1. Ask Them for Pictures

The use of fake reviews is a common practice in the professional world. Customers are well aware of this tactic of the brands to build trust. Therefore, it requires some proof to build a strong case of positive user experience.

You can ask the customers to post photos of the product in the review. The post will look more genuine than a thousand words with no pictures. Also, promote the use of customer names with the reviews over anonymous profiles.

  1. Tell a Story

    Stories are more impactful and convincing than a list of pros and cons. The main purpose of reviews is to convince the leads to trust the brand. Those people will believe in a stranger’s words if they are told the experience in the form of a story.Therefore, ask the customers to share their experiences in detail while answering different questions. The potential customers should get a glimpse of the product quality or service experience.

  2. Use Experts and Influencer

A single review from experts and influencers will create a serious impact on the audience. They will trust it more than the criticism of some unknown user on the internet. Therefore, ask the leaders in your industry to use the product and post a review.

The influencers are trending in the present marketing environment with an enormous list of followers. It is easy to connect with them through different platforms or their contact information on the profile. However, keep an eye on the post engagement such as like, comment, and shares as the follower count is sometimes fake.

Hiring influencers and experts for review may seem an expensive idea. Small businesses try their best to optimize the budget while trying to repay the business loan. Nevertheless, you can create some space in the budget by reducing the liabilities payment with debt consolidation loans in Ireland.


To sum up, you can convince the customers to post reviews with the right strategy. It is important for the growth of your business in a limited space. Without those positive reviews, the feed will contain only complaints, and the leads will not trust a business with negative ratings.


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